Q-Games is a PSN Juggernaut

Q-Games is a small Kyoto, Japan based company that has come a long way since its first release of PixelJunk Racers. Since then they have released two more installations in the series: Monsters and Eden. Because of the continued success of these titles, the developers have continued to support these titles by releasing expansions.

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xabmol3789d ago

I've never thought about a PSN title as a "Day 1" purchase. I will always be exited to see a new pjGame.

PirateThom3789d ago

I've found PSN has a lot of games I pick up on day 1.

I mean, PixelJunk Eden is a prime example of a game that really is instant buy.

chaosatom3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I just finished monsters on casual difficulty. And got 42 spectra's on Eden.

both are AMAZING games. From graphics to sound, they define quality gaming!

I spent more hours on eden, than i usually do on a $60 retail game.

coolcole933789d ago

My favourite PSN game, even better than Warhawk and Burnout: Paradise, is Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Poweres Battle Cars. Check it out :)

chaosatom3789d ago

They make PP ashamed of ever owning a xbox.

blusoops3789d ago

Although it wasn't a day 1 purchase for me, (since i didn't know what it was, and wasn't familiar with the quality this studio puts out) i played eden to death. Got all the spectras and all the trophies. Definitely gets harder and more interesting towards the end!! SSHD was day 1 for me tho. Don't regret it. Love PSN titles. Great quality.

Kappa Mikey3789d ago

yes they are a juggernaut! who agrees?

lloyd_wonder3789d ago

Pixel Junk= quality

nuff said no complaints

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The story is too old to be commented.