Gamer Limit Review: Peggle Dual Shot

Gamer Limit writes: "Gamers of all shapes and sizes have thirsted for a charming, and easy to pick up game since the inception of gaming. Pong's charm was in it's simplicity, yet a gamer with quick reaction time who studied the ball's direct movements could easily become a "Pong Pro". Popcap is no stranger to the casual formula, enjoying the honor of one of the most sucessful games of all time: Bejeweled. In 2007, Peggle took the world by storm. In just two years, Peggle has been ported to the iPod, Xbox 360, hosted a sequel (Peggle Nights), and can now be found on the Nintendo DS. Does Dual Shot sacrifice some of the charm of the original game in favor of portability? Read on to find out."

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agentxricky3792d ago

I've been playing it and love it. The review is dead on.

Immortal Kaim3792d ago

I agree. My GF and I actually play this together, it's a rare occurrence I must say. ;)

Fullish3792d ago

Peggle means 'arse' in chinese, tehe.

AcesAndEights3792d ago

not played the DS vaersion, but on the PC peggle is just plain addictive.