Konami Ships Lost In Blue 2

Konami has announced that it is shipping Lost in Blue 2, a Nintendo DS exclusive, to retailers nationwide. The game casts players as two shipwrecked friends (Jack and Amy) who find themselves alone on a tropical island after their cruise ship sinks. Both Jack and Amy sport "unique" survival skills that the player combines to seek a way off the island, including food-gathering and item-crafting.

Taking advantage of the Nintendo DS hardware, Lost in Blue 2 makes extensive use of the system's touch screen and microphone to immerse players in all aspects of Jack and Amy's adventure. In addition to popular mini-games from the original Lost in Blue game with expanded touch screen and microphone functionality such as cooking and tool crafting, players will be able to enjoy new activities such as scuba diving, carpentry and archery. Players will even take on the elements themselves, dealing with the destructive forces of tidal waves, earthquakes and hurricanes as they seek shelter and avoid disaster areas.

The game features four-player action via wireless, is rated E10+, and carries an MSRP of $29.99.

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