Digital Spy Interview: The Conduit

Digital Spy writes: "Despite its market leading sales, revolutionary control system and cross-over into the main-stream market, Nintendo's Wii console still has a few glaring holes in its considerable armour. The primary gripe endures about a lack of games aimed at hardcore players, notably the distinct absence of quality and original first-person shooters. Sega and High Voltage Software (HVS) hope to change this with The Conduit. Ahead of the game's release, Digital Spy locked and loaded with lead designer Rob Nicholls to find out more."

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mastiffchild3790d ago

HVS must have given this same interrview, using different staff about a million times by now. Is the games jouralism we have got to such a low that nobody can think of a new question to ask them?

Still, the game should fill the yawning chasm pretty well considering it doesn't have to be very good to be the best online FPS for the Wii. WaW was gimped to 4 v 4 and MoH has lag galore and isn't very pretty while MP3 just never bothered having MP. Looks pretty good though the artstyle is a bit odd(neon and brown?)and the controls should work really well this time out. Wii owners really deserve a good FPS to call their own esp online as the first thing I thought when I saw the Revolution was that we finally had a chance to better keyboard and mouse for shooters and I might be able to say goodbye to getting more and more expensive mouses every year just to keep up!

I still find it funny that HVS make out that this search for a good FPS for Wii is some kind of righteous quest though! Gauntlet, indeed.