Geoff Keighley Hints at Bioshock 2 Coverage?

BeefJack writes, "Geoff Keighley is known for revealing small bits of interesting info on his Twitter account. As such I have found myself checking it on occasion and I found this interesting tidbit as an update...

"Busy HARVESTING new content for next week's GTTV."

Is it possible that Geoff is referring to new Bioshock 2 coverage for GTTV? It might be as he does seem to be putting emphasis on the word and harvesting little sisters was a large gameplay mechanic in the original Bioshock..."

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fearbefore3788d ago

Could also be for a new Harvest Moon game. :x

Jikla3788d ago

First thing I thought of when I read "harvesting" was Harvest moon :p

Mcrmarcher3788d ago

I hope it's bioshock, never played harvest moon, is it any good?