The Bender Podcast - Ep 35 - PS3's Backwards Combatibility Solution & Reggie's Problems

BG writes: On this week's The Bender, we bring to you an extra long episode full of all the gaming news plus a side order of comic book fanboys. Reggie makes an ass out of himself (but we still love him) and Sony's big price cut on the PS2 is the biggest non-news ever. Feel free to donate to Mike's paypal so he can start reviewing some XNA games (somebody needs to do it). All this and a lot more, enjoy!

Show notes:

Wolverine movie is on the 'net!

..which leads Mike and James to geek out on comic books

Allison joins us in the soap opera that is WCG Ultimate Gamer

People need to LIGHTEN UP about April Fools


Heather Chaplin's rant from GDC

Reggie Fils-Aime says Used Games are Bad

Reggie Would Also Like to Know Why RE5 isn't on Wii

Capcom Tells Reggie Why RE5 isn't on Wii

PlayStation 2 Drops to $99

Sony Says Aforementioned Price Cut could Help PS2 Cut into Wii Market Share

Microsoft is not impressed with PS2 Price Cut

Backwards compatibility chatter - Mike's hate on Sony is unbelievable

British Men Find New Games More Stimulating Than Sex

XNA Games Don't Sell Well, It Seems

Game Informer is more important than Playboy, Oprah

Like Christ, FileFront rises from the dead

Steve Wiebe attempting to get his Donkey Kong title from Billy Mitchell

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