Intel: Our graphics silicon is gaining in gaming

Any gamer worth her salt is quick to decry gaming on Intel graphics silicon. But wait. The platform is taking off, according to Intel.
Empire: Total War

"So you want to know what's so compelling about making sure your game runs on Intel integrated graphics?" Aaron Davies, a senior marketing manager in the Intel Visual Computing Software Development group, asked in a video on the Intel Software Network Web page. "Here's your answer: Mercury Research showed that in 2008, for the first time, integrated graphics chipsets outsold discrete (graphics chips), and in 2013, we expect to see integrated graphics chipsets outsell discrete by three to one," Davies said.

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poopface13484d ago

most retail pcs nowadays come with an integrated card, even laptops. My 2005 pc came with an integrated x200. Doesnt mean I didnt want to upgrade, or that my x200 could run games that great.

All I think this is pointing out is that pc makers are adding integrated gpu cause its cheap and its effective for most consumers. And nowadays pcs have alot more ram for the integrated card to use.

I think that they are finally starting to be able to use integrated grx in sli with a new card. Not sure if they are, but I always wondered about the possibilities as I have a x200 and a x800 in my comp(not that they go together).

divideby03483d ago

Intels 32nm technology is not the best of the breed..this will be seen in late 2010