Fallout 4's next-gen upgrade: bugged on Series X/S, disappointing on PS5 and PC

Weirdly undercooked, despite resolution and frame-rate improvements on console.

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Hugodastrevas79d ago

Isn't undercooked the Bethesda motto?

TheColbertinator79d ago

Undercooked and served at full price.

OptimusDK78d ago

I'ts a free update !! - what are you talking about

MrDead79d ago

So PS5 is the only version that has any real improvements and that's in the quality settings, those modes are busted on the Xbox.
For PC they added ultra widescreen and then broke everything that the mods fixed.
They did give us some basic new missions and some boring weapons though, so thanks I guess.

darthv7279d ago

I never once tried quality mode, I only use performance mode on SX. So I cant even tell if there was supposed to be a difference or not.

mkis00779d ago

40 fps ultra is pretty nice though...just wish lods were ultra too...this was a huge chance for ms to show why they are better keepers of bethesda games than bethesda, and they didnt...if support for fallout 4 ends without the unofficial patch becoming baseline built in, then MS will prove it is all pr no substance.

EazyC79d ago

Should have got a finger out and remade Fallout 3 and New Vegas as a duo.

With the new show, it would have sold MASSIVELY.

Bethesda should have been more on the ball with contracting other studios to make spinoff Fallout games. Hell, if they just got the New Vegas team back for another one it would have been an absolute triumph.

I have a theory that Bethesda has a major insecurity about other studios outdoing them though (especially after Starfield) so would explain why.

mkis00779d ago

I still think they are being made...remakes take longer. Just look at max payne.

P_Bomb79d ago

Playing through it on PS5 Performance and it looks and moves great imo. I’m in the Institute, just finished the Cabot House sides. No hiccups or bugs as of yet.

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Epic Games Store copies of Fallout 4 won't be compatible with the new Fallout: London mod

If you bought Fallout 4 via the Epic Games Store, you may be unable to install the upcoming Fallout: London mod at launch.

TheNamelessOne9d ago

That sucks for the seven people that actually use it.


You'll need to actually buy Fallout 4 to play the London mod as it won't work on Game Pass

Fallout: London will require you to own the game. Game Pass users, unlucky.

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