I Am Alive: Another Ubisoft hit?

Just when you thought games couldn't get more theatrical, well guess again. Ubisoft has really made the leap into the next generation gaming with their upcoming muli-platform title, I Am Alive.

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Droid Control3580d ago

another great next gen game!

STONEY43580d ago

Meh, the CG trailer was pretty dumb.

StephanieBBB3579d ago

It looks like it could be realtime. Kinda reminds me of how GOW 3 looks like. But that for sure is realtime.

Montrealien3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

This has to be the console generation that has milked the term (Next Generation) for the longest.

But yeah, this article is trash, a few stills from the CG trailer and 3 phrases ftl...

yess3579d ago

You are so right, starting to get borring, but then again alot of people dosent even know it started, and again we are all in the testzone...forever and ever until the next next gen that will be the next'ed of all gen.

ThanatosDMC3579d ago

Yup, we'd rather see in game vids.

Fox013579d ago

I thought it was another HippityHopGamer article when I read the title.

Freak of Nature3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Lots more has to be shown before I jump onto the hype train....

Now UBI just give me an assasins creed 2 upgraded on all fronts from the first one,and keep it as "un-repetitive" as possible.

Oh and I want an update on "Beyond good and Evil 2" please....

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Sangria3579d ago

Wait what? Why this article has been approved? So it says that I Am Alive exists and what is it, which is known since several months now.
I'm still searching for a link to the other pages of the article, i can't believe people approved 5 sentences.

PrimordialSoupBase3579d ago

"he bands to together with other survivors"
" with their upcoming muli-platform title, I Am Alive."

This isn't an article, and even its measly five sentences are a mess.

Guy1693579d ago

I would rather play Disaster Report lmfao.

what's next, a flu simulator?

Campy da Camper3579d ago

are coming out in 2009? That's news to me. I thought they were going to come out 2010.

No FanS Land3579d ago

Not only that, he's biased with his news.

The latest I heard was 2010. But never 2009.

Ubisoft Shangaï=fail.

this game is developped by shangaï

So this game fails.

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