Capcom launches a New Resident Evil Website

With the recent release of Capcom's most popular Game, Resident Evil 5, Capcom has decided to launch a new website (Resident Evil: The Site War Chronicles) seperate from Capcom-Unity an The site will focus on monthly give aways and the promotion of their brand name series, Resident Evil. So head on over and join! You never know, you might just be a winner!

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Stu19813577d ago

A huge round of applause to Sophie, Braineater2448, ssj, Jack007 and tweaker. All members of N4G who approved this news item, obviously without bothering to look at the site to see whether it was legit or not. A quick look at just the first page would've told you everything you needed to know.

Well done guys, great work!

Galaxia3562d ago

I must say, I sure get my way. First the Kijuju Contest, now this. What can you expect though, I'm beasley23803!