Saw teaser trailer for konami gamer's night

Saw developer Zombie Studios apparently doesn't want us to see much of the movie license-based game it's working on. At least, that's what this first teaser trailer implies, as it features a maddeningly cheap shot of "gameplay," though it does suggest we'll see more on April 9 at Konami Gamer's Night from the newly confirmed publisher. Of course, that means another torturously long week of waiting. But, hey, at least that beats even one long day of waiting in a tortuously cruel room full of people you're loosely connected to in real life, eh?

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TrevorPhillips3489d ago

big fan of the movie, now cannot wait to play the game, Game Over

KionicWarlord2223489d ago

they donk need that doll in the game they need this guy.:)

-GoD_-oF-_WaR-3489d ago

It looks kind of alright. I hope its good, like the movies

christian hour3489d ago

The first Saw movie, brilliant. The atmosphere of the whole thing is unmatched by the number of sequels they've pulled out of their asses over the last few years. Never really felt the need for a game. I'll check back in on it in a few months, if it looks appealing i'll buy it. Right now it just looks like it's doing the same as the sequels, trying to build off the popularity and the genius that was the first movie, which is all it ever should have been. Just one movie. The rest ruined it, and I don't have high expectations for the game.

Sorry for been so negative but after seeing saw 2 and saw 4, you gotta wonder where it all went wrong. It's all about the shock value now, the first film was alot more psychological and claustraphobic, a much better horror.

KionicWarlord2223488d ago

well what about the 5 one? the ridiculous ending.

christian hour3483d ago

Well i'd seen the first one, so I thought that the second one could be good. It wasn't. At all. So I skipped the 3rd one. Saw the 4th film, but it wasn't my choice, a girl wanted to see it, and I aint complaining when a girl invites me to see a "scary" movie. It wasn't scary at all, just, startling. Cheap thrills.

And I haven't seen the 5th. and I don't think I want to. I'll just fondly remember the brilliance and simplistic nature of the first film.

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The story is too old to be commented.