IGN: Samurai Shodown Anthology Review

Having all that Samurai Shodown goodness on one UMD is neat, but unfortunately the PSP version just runs horribly, which puts a huge damper on the game, especially with an almost unplayable multiplayer mode. If you only have a PSP, the single-player modes run just well enough to appreciate the old-school charm, but there's really no reason to get this over the PS2 version. Make the right choice: leave the portable behind.

Presentation - 4.5
Graphics - 5.5
Sound - 7.0
Gameplay - 4.5
Lasting Appeal - 5.0
Overall -

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Chris3993482d ago

Mana Khemia wasn't anywhere near as terrible as they made it out to be. Seriously, check the forums and user reviews.

I picked this up as well - $19, who can say no to that? :) And it also plays just fine. The content alone outweighs and hiccups that the game might have.

ExcelKnight3482d ago

The PSP having a crap default D-Pad is what makes all fighters annoying, much like how the DS has a very resistant D-Pad and screws up diagonal input.

I know you can use a quarter to make it more bearable, but still I prefer using the regular Dual Shock 2 to that option.