Why is Killzone 2 Multiplayer Unpopluar?

Killzone 2 has one of the best online multiplayer on the market today. So why isn't it as popular as Halo or Call of Duty?

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DavidMacDougall3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Another question mark?

solidjun53485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )


The way of N4G, I guess. Now we're going to have an about 2.5 hours titled "Is Killzone 2 really popular?" or "Killzone 2: popular or bust?" or "Is Killzone 2 not popular?" or some variation of that. I'll be back to confirm my theory. ^_^

criticalzero3485d ago

I have to admit... That article is pretty accurate.

First of all, I love Killzone 2, easily the defining game of this gen (on all platforms)..The single player was epic, the multiplayer is one of the best. I myself bought the game day one, finished it same day and jumped online. But for the last few weeks, I haven't touched the online, for the following reasons.

1) I'm not really the best of players and so ranking up just to get to better classes is bit hard and tedious.
2) The weapons (excluding the best sniper in gaming history) are mediocre. Nothing memorable, not only that, but none (except the sniper, which I have yet to unlock) make me want to play more and more.

The maps are so well made. The details and structure are amazing to say the least.

if they had assist points, leveling up would be easier and I would have enjoyed it a lot more.

I still play it but not day and night. Probably just 20 minutes a week.

Darrius Cole3485d ago

Because it is not unpopular.

morganfell3485d ago

And the assault on Sony continues with some of the most idiotic attempts at journalism ever. Unpopular? Someone doesn't even own Killzone 2.

pwnsause3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

"the weapons (excluding the best sniper in gaming history) are mediocre. Nothing memorable, not only that, but none (except the sniper, which I have yet to unlock) make me want to play more and more."

Then we can say the same thing about COD and Halo.

I seriously dont understand why people are still attacking KZ2, its like people want this game to die because it fulfilled the promises that Sony and GG kept about this game. seriously, you guys(In General) have to stop, you guys are looking dumber and dumber everyday. Im pretty sure if this game was on the 360, people would go crazy (OMGZZZ we pwnz ur PS gaiz!!) but since its not, its "Over Hyped BullS**t" since thats how the biased media puts it. I seriously wonder how much M$ is paying the media?

If theres anything I see people complaining about when it comes to this game, its the lack of split-screen and thats agreeable, but when it comes to stupid miscellanious things, I dont agree, cause its BU*****t.

I seriously cant wait till November to see the Double Standard that the media puts when COD:MW2 releases.

UnwanteDreamz3485d ago

I probably wouldn't like it either if I sucked.

This article is FUD.

Fox013485d ago

I have the game, it's very, very intense online... and I like it. But, I still play Call of Duty WaW just because of the split screen functionality. When my friends come over, that's Soul Calibur 4 and

I couldn't get them to buy Killzone 2 because it doesn't have split screen.

And, too bad it doesn't have Death match like Call of duty (not team death match).

XxZxX3485d ago

that strange, everytime i log in, i seen a lot of player playing. How so unpopular about that?

rockleex3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Although he's a 360 fanboy.

So far I'm the only Sony supporter that speaks out about the necessity of splitscreen in Killzone 2.

Come on, Motorstorm went through the EXACT same thing! At first people were in denial, saying things such as "No! Its a really great game! We don't really need splitscreen!"

But as the months went on, people started getting really vocal about splitscreen. To the point where the Motorstorm devs had to MAKE SURE they implemented 4 player splitscreen into Pacific Rift!

Now we need to do the same for Killzone 2! Sure, its an awesome game! But you know whats even more awesome than Killzone 2?

Killzone 2 with SPLITSCREEN!!! >:D

Come on guys, we can make the devs implement it if we join together for this cause! Even if its not possible for Killzone 2, the devs will make sure Killzone 3 has it. ^_^

And yes, plenty of my friends decided not to buy Killzone 2 because of the lack of splitscreen.

If we don't ask for it, we may never get it. Just imagine if no one asked for rumble, in-game XMB, custom soundtracks, achievements, etc! O_O

thor3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

The process goes like this:

Some people want to hate on the game.
Despite what everyone is saying in previews, they nitpick everything. Take AI for example. The standard line went "KZ2 has great graphics but it looks like the AI will be awful". Well guess what. It has some of the best AI I've ever seen in a game.
They jump from thing to thing in an effort to attack the game.
When the reviews come out, they are quiet for a bit, but they use a couple of slightly-lower-than-AAA review scores and slightly-lower-than-most-mega- AAA-title sales to get a foothold, and then the fact that KZ2 has had lower than expected sales turns into "haha I knew the game sucked here's why".

Seriously, you see haters latching onto the slightest bit of negative news. I've seen people say stuff like "haha KZ2 got 7/10 from EDGE that means it's a flop - it's all because of its shoddy controls", when EDGE actually praised the controls and the multiplayer and many other things about the game. There are also many people say something like "lol everybody said KZ2 would sell 1 trillion copies at launch and it HASN'T I knew this would happen it's because the weapons suck". Making some tenuous link between sales and game quality. KZ2 has sold very well - there are more factors than simply game quality. After all, on the shelf, many people pick a game up based on the title and the cover art. Why did RE5 shift so many copies? Maybe because it has "Resident Evil" in the title? The latest Need for Speed sold pretty well despite being panned by critics.

If you go online in Killzone 2 it's pretty popular - the server setup needs to be vastly improved, but there are a lot of people playing. Go on There are 300,000 players weekly or something like that.

Mostly I think this article's headline is wrong. Killzone 2's multiplayer being unpopular implies that those who have played it don't like it and have stopped. But actually it's just that many people have, for whatever reason, not picked up the game.

Edit @ rockleex

Split-screen is essential I agree. The thing is, for some reason, people are happy with offline split-screen without bots. I hate it myself, and I'd rather such a useless feature wasn't there, I'd much rather it with bots or online - BUT it does sway opinion. How on earth am I meant to show off KZ2 to my friends when it's effectively a single-player experience? You can't enjoy it with friends when they're round. If I want to crack out a decent multiplayer game I'll get Warhawk or Motorstorm 2 out. Or littlebigplanet. When you invite your friend over and play one of these games, if they enjoy it they consider getting it themselves. Can't do this with KZ2. The devs have just been so thick-headed. Rather than polishing in terms of graphics and gameplay tweaks (when numerous gameplay balancing tweaks are still needed online) they should have added as many features as they could. This is the major success of Halo. Killzone 2 doesn't come close to that 1 1/2-year-old game in terms of features - forge, co-op, split-screen, number of maps, community features. Split-screen should have been higher on their list of priorities.

ThanatosDMC3485d ago

These guys must suck to not like Killzone... probably those that spray their ammo hoping to hit something. They cant aim with the sniper rifle?! HAHAHHAHA!

Why dis3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

Already mentioned the reason but the story failed.

It has broken gameplay real FPS fans don't wan't to struggle with.

Some of the reasons are stated in my comment on this page

I'm sure the single player turned FPS fans off but the multi-player I played twice and gave up because of the goofy forced hani-capp(swaying of the gun) to say the least.

Don't hate on me the game does not sale and that speaks for itself.

I'm sorry but the game is over hyped in visuals, gameplay quality and offerings.

brandonk1293484d ago

i dont know if unpopular is the word, but sony did a really bad job in letting the ps3 user base know how detailed kz2 is. i have mad scrub friends who will play cod over kz2 all the time, their scrubs they dont know the detail that went into kz2

gaffyh3484d ago

KZ2 rocks, multiplayer is awesome, singleplayer is awesome. Only people who say it isn't are xbox fanboys (Why dis) and crap gamers.

snaz273484d ago

i love killzone 2... i got it day one and it blew my head off how detailed and amazing it looked and played... i spent alot of time on the single player first i completed in on veteran then did it on elite (which was feckin hard). i then went into multiplayer at first i was confused as to what was going on (as i was with cod4 at first) but i soon picked it up and loved it within a few days tho i had ranked up all the way! then i spent some more time getting the second abilities (a few more days) and now i never play it i just dont feel the urge to i dont really know what it is but maybe i just got everything way too quick... i have friends on psn that have played it for time and still cant figure out whats going on lol... and they suck at it buit there good on say bfbc... i really dont know what it is but for me i think its just too easy to rank up... i still got plenty of hours gameplay out of it tho so im happy and maybe when they bring the dlc ill go back on.

stevenhiggster3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

I have a few friends who bought it, played it once then never touched it again because of the look/aim controls. I love the game and don't mind the controls, but sometimes they can be very frustrating.
I applaud GG for trying something different but I do feel they shot themselves in the foot a bit with the controls, had they kept it sharp and responsive I think they would have had more sales. And don't say turn the sensitivity up, that makes it freakin worse!
So while I don't agree that it is un-popular, it certainly would be more popular with standard issue COD style look/aim controls.
And the fact that most people are max rank already, there just isn't the incentive to keep playing.

mugoldeneagle033484d ago

But hear me out.

From a PS3-only owner, a Killzone 2 buyer on day 1, and a gamer who owns/plays almost every shooter I can, even I can admit that Killzone 2 lacks one major feature...


Yes the game looks great, run's smooth, and is really fun, but there isn't enough stuff to do. I finished my Medal/Ribbon trophies in 3-4 days and achieved the top online rank in that same period leaving nothing left but the Clan Valor system, which is great.

They need to update the game with a more robust ranking system. There's nothing that seperates players (aside from stats) when your in a room and it makes you feel like you haven't accmoplished anything.

I hope they patch it, it's still a great f'n game

jadenkorri3484d ago

try playing Call of duty 4 on ps3, constant disconnects, host ended games all the time, some days can't even find a game, now Killzone 2, server fulls everytime so far, ive got dced once (the power went out) seriously, Killzone 2 sales may not have been up to matching Halo, but anyone who has Killzone 2 is playing multiplayer...noone bought Killzone 2 for single, as great as it was, way too short.. but its for Multiplayer and its great, and 360 fanboy or dumb articles like these really are blind and just looking for attention... Im sure halo3 mulitiplayer been declineing since launch, jsut like Gears of War 2 would be too, for for the fact, its a ps3 title exclusive and people mostly enjoy ripping on it, go ahead, but if you havn't played it, your missing one of the best FPS games Ive played in awhile...

JsonHenry3484d ago

You know, when I first started playing KZ2 I could not help but think that this was the best traditional FPS I have ever played (on a console).

I played online for 3-4 days straight... then it just got so boring to me I have literally not played the game since the first week I bought it.

And the weird part is I think the game is fantastic! But I just can't seem to bring myself to play it online because it just sounds dull compared other multiplayer titles I own.

aksmashh3484d ago

I Think The Main Reason Killzone Is Not Played As Much.

Is Because Its Too Hard For Most Casual FPS Fans

I Have To Concentrate Twice As Hard At Killzone
When It Comes To COD4 I Just Go Gun Ho Most Of Time
& Nearly Always Come Near Top Of The List

Maybe Its My Style Of Play But In The Same Way Thats Why I Like
Killzone(A Change)

No Party System & Over Powerful Shotguns Hurts As Well

Downtown boogey3483d ago

The weapons are way too inaccurate and the controls are clumsy. Many of your deaths have nothing to do with you failing it's just bad luck.
But... There IS the STA-3... WHICH IS GREAT!

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hakis863485d ago

but I've been playing some.
I have to admit though that the fact that I have too many new and good games makes this game less played than I'd like to.

I'm gonna play this weekend though =)

MiloGarret3484d ago

I just got it, today! whohooooo! I've barely tried the mp, but it seems kinda cool, whatever, flamebait article, only suckers click the link!

Kevzin3485d ago

sometimes it's hard to find your friends and I don't like that I wish you can use the xmb and invite your friends into a room and play that is what Xbox does But i do love my ps3 more then anything

Phantom_T3485d ago

Christ,who even approves this tripe?

Anon19743485d ago

Forget about who approves this, who writes this crap? I'd love to see how they figure that people are not playing online given the game has only been out a month and stats aren't released regarding network play.

Jaces3485d ago

Hmm lets think here.

Two games that have a fanbase that is enormous or one game with a small fanbase due to it's semi-decent predecessor and hesitant gamers sitting on the sideline hoping this isn't like the first one and yet won't touch it.

The amount of people that play online is pretty amazing seeing how many units KZ2 has sold so far.