Mercenaries Survey Has Interesting Hints to Mercs 3

Shogun Gamer: This afternoon Electronic Arts posted a link to survey on their Twitter profile concerning the future of the Mercenaries franchise. While video game companies conducting surveys isn't a big deal it should be noted that the Mercenaries survey, which was only available to the first 200 people to take it, brought up some potential drastic changes to the series.

Aside from standard questions like "How did you like the game" and "Who was your favorite Mercenary" the survey asked gamers if they would still purchase future Mercenaries installments if the game wasn't open world and instead mission based. Other questions included a create character mode, various multiplayer modes, futuristic military weapons, and an open world setting in a country with the possibility of traveling between cities or instead traveling between countries.

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RememberThe3573484d ago

It was the small changes they made that turned me off, like having to buy every thing you thought you might need before you actually go on the mission, instead of letting you buy things when you needed then, like the first one did.

It was little things that just made the game less fun.