New Just Cause Screenshots

Eidos and Avalanche released these three screenshots from the Xbox 360 version of Just Cause.

Shadow Flare6187d ago (Edited 6187d ago )

these pics are pretty nice. I'm not sure about the third pic, but the second pic is really cool. Cool screenshot

Moostache6187d ago (Edited 6187d ago )

in my opinion that does not look any better than GTA:SA on the original XB.

I have not been overly impressed by this title since the screenshots and videos started surfacing for it. I am sure that a lot of people will enjoy it, but to me this game does not have the same "wow-factor" of GRAW or Oblivion or Gears or Rainbow Six or Halo 3.

It just looks like a PS2/XB title a bit too much for me...of course, that said, the sky diving pic is pretty cool. I guess the HDR lighting is "next-gen", but the character model doesn't look too special...

YoJ1Mbo6187d ago

lol, I looked at the pics and was thinking the same thing. I hope theyre messing with us and havent cleaned it up yet. Just another title that graphically doesnt look up to par.

Cyclonus6187d ago

This game has over 250,000 acres. Thats gi-freakin-normous.

Whats cool about Just Cause is that you can: Jump on the roof of your car, hop over to a nearby car, kick out the driver, build up speed, jump out and pull your chute, and PARASAIL behind your car!

That nuts. 0_0

mikeeno76187d ago

I know games cost more now, so we demand more, but all you seem to care about is graphics and that's it. I think the gameplay looks amazing and more importantly 'fun'.

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