‘Just Cause’ Video Game Getting Movie Adaptation From ‘John Wick’ Writer

“Just Cause” is the latest video game getting the movie treatment. The film will follow Rico Rodriguez (aka “The Scorpion”) on a race-against-time mission to stop the lethal mercenary group the Black Hand.

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SegaGamer1297d ago

No doubt that this will be terrible, like almost every video game movie ever made.

PhantomS421297d ago

As long as it's super campy and they nail the casting on Rico and how suave he is then it could be good but saying the writer of John Wick doesn't give me much faith.

Spurg1297d ago

loool....I don't think we need the writer, the director is the one we need.

Elwenil1297d ago

Considering how horrible the plot of the Just Cause games are, this is probably one of the worst game franchises to do a movie on.

EDKICK1296d ago

'John Wick' movie getting video game adaption from Just Cause developers would be a far more interesting proposition. This however sounds horrible.

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