Vooks: A look back on Ninjatown with Developers Venan

Vooks writes: "Late last year, a tower defence game called Ninjatown hit the Nintendo DS. The game was based on characters created by Shawn Smith, who used to be editor of the (now) defunct Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine. His toy line, 'Shawnimal', and one particular character was the inspiration for Ninjatown. The game blends a great art style with classic tower defence gameplay, though the cute (awesome) exterior probably let the game to fly under your radar, and that's where our interview comes in. For the best answers, we went to the producer of the game, Katy Smith."


The Best Games You’ve Never Heard Of: Ninjatown

Vgamerz writes: "As we know, licensed games are always a dodgy prospect. Alarm bells start to ring at the very mention of a ‘game-of-the-film,’ and we know they’re in immediate danger of rating high on the crapometer. For this egregious prejudice, I blame Superman 64 and its legacy of awful."


Best Tower Defense Games of All Time

GR - "Tower defense has come a long way since its inception in Warcraft 3. Find out what the best of the tower defense genre has to offer."

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Cat3836d ago

Cue "but you didn't include my favorite!" comment: PixelJunk Monsters is the best TD game ever. Fact. :)

Anon19743836d ago

I was just going to mention that. PixelJunk Monsters was an absolute blast to play. Even better co-op with someone else. :)

MoreRPG3836d ago

that's what i thought PixelJunk Monsters should be in that list

halocursed3836d ago

It's there in the "Awesome Tower Defense Games" below the first one(at the end of the list).

Cat3836d ago

But it's not in the #1 spot - which is where it belongs!!!! :)

Christopher3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Wish Ninja Town would get ported to PC or something.

Edit: Cat, when reading this, I was thinking you'd say just that :P

Cat3836d ago

Would hate to disappoint :)

Dakriz3836d ago

Castle TD on my Android and Dungeon Defenders is my Ultimate TD game of all times.

Christopher3836d ago

Castle TD is a freaking grind for crystals to level up, though. And, would love to have an ad free version for $1 or so.

Otherwise, it's got some great challenges with dastardly creep options. What's that? The four zeppelins in a row wasn't hard enough, here's some healers to show up just as you got them down in life!

Dakriz3836d ago

Lol I'm fealling your pain man at points it makes me wanna slam my phone but I'm hooked and I don't mind the ads but I blocked them so I guess its why I don't mind them lol

Nerdmaster3836d ago

It's good to see they remembered Defense Grid: The Awakening. It's the best tower defense game, when I start playing it, I just can't stop. I played many others, including Plants Vs Zombies and Ninjatown, but none gets close to Defense Grid.

fatstarr3835d ago

Ninja town was alot of fun, another good list here


StartGame Review: Ninjatown

StartGame: A volcano erupts near Ninjatown, which brings along Mr Demon and his hordes of devils, who are bent on the destruction of the town.

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