GamerVision: C&C: Red Alert 3 Review

Red Alert 3 never, even for a moment, takes itself seriously. The developers at EA had no problem giving the USSR the ability to train bears and a transport vehicle that shoots units into the sky, begging players to create an armada of parachuting grizzly warriors. It takes advantage of this foolishness by adding in asinine soldiers wielding shrink rays, robotic dragonflies, and attack dolphins, all the while reminding players that the game is meant to be fun.

Though it has its silly side, and the side is definitely prevalent, the game is well balanced and has a good amount of depth that should keep fans of the series happy. It's no Sins of a Solar Empire, and hell, it might not be as good as Halo Wars, but you can't go wrong with the 101st Ursine Airborne.

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