PSFocus: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition Review

The Dutch website has written a review about the game Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603785d ago

Finally a good score. I love this game. Who said RTS can't work on consoles?

Syphled3785d ago

This game deserves a good score! RTS should be more supported on consoles!

DanSolo3785d ago

Yeah I just got this game today and I have to say the controls work really well.
People really need to get this "PC games don't work on consoles" crap out of their heads. RTS's and MMO's can work and sell on console just as well as on PC, although I do think as well as implementing these new inventive controller schemes they also need to make use of keyboard and mouse support to satisfy the hardcore old school people who understandably want to stick with the control system they have used for years.
I've also noticed a tendancy with some dev's to water down certain game types for the console market that I think is just counter productive.
But CnC Red alert 3 is definately a good game and a good step in the right direction for bringing the "PC type" games over to console.