Destructoid Preview: Brutal Legend

Destructoid writes: "Brütal Legend is the story of Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black), the world's greatest roadie. A heavy metal MacGuyver, Eddie can rig any stage or tune any guitar at a moment's notice. He's an encyclopedia of all things rock, living the heavy metal lifestyle of excess on the road with… one of the worst heavy metal bands of all time. When an accident leaves Eddie's blood dripping into the his belt buckle (the face of Ormagöden, "The FireBeast, Creamator of the Sky, Destroyer of the Ancient World," of course) he's whisked away to an ancient world of metal, seemingly ripped from the cover of an Iron Maiden record."

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Cajun Chicken3485d ago

Yeah! I can't wait for this. Quirky games FTW!