7.1 vs 5.1 - Will it Get you More Frags?

Gameplayer writes:
"When it comes to the FPS domain, there are that many sneaky tips and tricks out there for fragging your way to the top of the ladder that it's often easy to overlook the simplest of things. Games, by their very design, are an interactive medium comprised of a primary sense overload. While the visuals are rightly touted as the main facet of any game, the sound design of any shooter is just as crucial. But so often shooter fans make the mistake of using two stereo speakers or cheap headphones and wonder why they're fighting an uphill battle to reach the top of the ladder..."

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trgz3488d ago

I doubt if the extra channels will help a great deal in full-on fragfests - though headphones are a must to pick sounds out - but I've had a pair of Speed Link Medusa 5.1 headphones and they do add a huge chunk of atmosphere when I've got to keep the noise down (or playing a LAN game). It's surprising how well the 'phones can produce sounds that are behind you, though not as convincing as a decently set-up pair of rear speakers do.

rockleex3488d ago

Search and Destroy in COD4.

You can hear people's footsteps coming from behind you around the corner. They're thinking they're getting the jump on you, but just imagine the look on their face when they show up and you got the jump on THEM instead! XD

The perk Dead Silence and the silencers for your guns help a LOT in that game. You can run around the whole stage just shooting or knifing people and no one would be able to hear you. If they don't see you, they're dead. ^_^

SlappingOysters3488d ago

I upgraded recently and never turned back. Huge difference as you can hear exactly where a bullet is coming from!!

phosphor1123487d ago

I started off playing my ps3 with headphones (had an adapter that took stereo rca jacks to heaphone), but then decided to use the Tritton AX360 (has nothing to do with xbox 360) and I love it. I've switched to Full HD and 5.1 surround sound headphones, and i CANT go back. I'm simply disappointed when I play my ps3 games without them. It's a great set of headphones if anyone wants to use one. Has its own amplifier, and comes with an optical cable to hook up to your ps3.

It has two downsides though. Even thought it HAS a mic, because it isn't standard jack size (but is the size of phone mic jacks, it can't be used on the PS3 unless you use something like the iMic (mic to USB adapter) you also need a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio adapter. Both of those cost about 30 bucks total with shipping. Or you can use a computer mic around the house with the iMic, its cheaper, but I prefer the attatched to headphone thing. One other thing is that there is no mute button..its a bummer but oh well. I just use the switch on the iMic instead.

Wow..I just like..advertised those

xabmol3488d ago

I can here you creeping around a corner. I can here exactly where the gunfights are. If someone sets up a trap I can hear where they are placing it. Sound really comes in handy in game modes like Team Sneaking and Rescue.

7.1 Rocks!

ceiltsei3487d ago

This really depends on how you play. If you have a good idea how to play - ie, know when things spawn or just have a good tactic when you are face to face with the enemy, having a huge surround sound set does not matter. This seems to me as a big game gimmick.

I have nerve damage in my right ear which causes me to not hear where a sound is coming from. You could be behind me, infront of me, I could never tell. When I use high quality headphones I am able to tell where things are a bit as it forces the channels to the respecting ears.

After explaining my hearing it may sound like I must be a crap FPS gamer, but I am actually very good.

5.1 surround vs 7.1? Give me a break. For those who can recognize the direction sounds are coming from may benefit a little bit but I cannot see much difference.

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