Ubisoft's upcoming releases

According to GameInformer magazine, video game publisher and developer Ubisoft is gearing up to release a series of franchise titles. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed that through March 2010 the company will release "seven franchise titles." He went on to mention four of them:

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Thunderbolton3489d ago

Good line-up but Red Steel 2, well that's very MEH!

mastiffchild3489d ago

Well the first Red Steel was the very def on "meh" but I'm really feelin good about the sequel. I've got a mate who's seen and played a little of it using M+ and he's been saying it's amazing.
Assassins Creed was the dullest game I ever finished. In fact that I did finish it proves to me that I've got willpower I never even guessed at before. God, it was boring.

Captain Tuttle3489d ago

I totally agree with you about Ass Creed...the most overrated game this generation. I played it for an hour, took it out of the machine and never thought about it again.

DraconicPanda3489d ago

while Assassins Creed was repetitive i really enjoyed the concept and story it had. i for one am looking forward to the second installment and just hope they found out a way to make the game less repetitive. playing any game for only one hour, no matter how bad, does not really allow too much of an opinion outside of a first impression. thats like saying i played GTA 4 for an hour and loved it, even though the person who played it all the way through despised it....

JeffGUNZ3489d ago

Does anyone know a more specific release date range for Assassins Creed 2?

cyril sneer3489d ago

At a guess probably christmas imho

carajito3489d ago

Bring on the Tom Clancy game.
Raibow Six .. or I could handle Ghost Recon.

If it is raibow six, I hope the developer take their time with it and give us a great game. I am really itching to play a good raibow six game with updated graphics and physics. Woot!!!

DraconicPanda3485d ago

another rainbow 6 game has been announced. title is still TBA though