Interplay and Masthead Studios to Jointly Develop Massively Multiplayer Online Game

For a few weeks it seemed like Interplay's plans to make an (alleged) Fallout MMO (officially called Project V: 13) by Interplay) were in trouble. Word got out that the game's creative director Jason Anderson had left Interplay to work on a new RPG title for inXile Entertainment. However Interplay made a big announcement late today that shows the game is still under development.

Interplay's announcement was that it had struck a deal with the development team at Masthead Studios to co-fund and co-develop "Project V: 13" using Masthead's own MMO technology and graphics engine. The Bulgaria-based company was formed in 2005 and are currently developing their own original MMO project called Earthrise. That game is scheduled to launch sometime this year. Terms of this new deal with Interplay were not disclosed.

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