Real-Life Kratos Discovered

Kratos is alive and living in Melbourne Australia. Or so it would seem. This light-hearted gameplayer article tells the tale of a chance meeting with the God of War and has photographic evidence of the event.

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sonarus5495d ago

Fail...doesn't even come close. Thats like saying every bald guy looks like kratos

- Ghost of Sparta -5495d ago

He looks like a sex offender actually.

s8anicslayer5495d ago

LAME! He doesw look like a sex offender somebody from "Predator raw" that sex offender live show witch catches would be sexoffenders in the act and on tv! or could be a prison mugshot, either way nowhere near the likness as our God of War.

- Ghost of Sparta -5495d ago

The real Kratos. > http://i43.tinypic.com/2m6o...

Except of course he'd have to get rid of the mustache and grow a longer goatee. And dye it black.

XxZxX5495d ago (Edited 5495d ago )

gameplayer.com.au article quality is pretty bad. FAILED

ghost of sparta if that's Kratos, then Archilles officially killed Kratos. ;)
That's Boagrius

Sarcasm5495d ago

He looks more like Stephan Papadakis

Royantk5494d ago

Yeah, this was just embarrassing.

UnwanteDreamz5494d ago

The dude is freaking bald for christs sake. You can see that his hairline ditched him long ago.`They should be strung up for ever even comparing Kratos to a bald 40 something sex offender

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FerretWithASpork5495d ago

It's not that bad of a comparison, the facial structure is rather similar. The photoshop work is pretty horrible though...

SlappingOysters5495d ago

The Metal Gear Solid one linked at the bottom is closer though in my opinion.

Still, can you imagine meeting this guy in a pub or something after you just spilled his beer. No thanks.

SlaughterMeister5495d ago

Doesn't look any tougher than any of my friends.

This guy would probably be a little annoyed, but if you apologized, shook his hand, and bought him another beer he'd be cool.

(Besides, as big and mean looking as he is, I'm bigger and meaner.)

SlappingOysters5495d ago

Protect me from Kratos big boy 8-)

SlaughterMeister5494d ago

I'm 6'3 and about 240-250 lbs.

I hit my weights pretty regularly. Don't give me this crap that I'm not big.

(But you've got me on the mean part, I'm actually pretty nice.)

BTW, that guy looks like this guy I know from up north where I used to live.

Szarky5494d ago

...and I'm 6'-5" and weigh 350 lbs. and I could sit on you and crush you.

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TrevorPhillips5495d ago

He kinda does look like him especially his beard and face, but what you guys think of bill goldber u think he looks anything like kratos plus ive posted an article about who shold play kratos link below


cayal5495d ago

I agree. Snake looks quite Snake-ish.

Kratos doesn't really.