ZTGD: Monsters Vs. Aliens - Review

ZTGD writes: "DreamWorks has been on a roll lately, both in the box office and in the world of gaming. Last year we received Kung Fu Panda; a delightfully hilarious comedy that coincided with a surprisingly excellent videogame counterpart. This year they have delivered yet another top-tier film and Activision and developer Beenox return to deliver a complimentary interactive experience to accompany the movie. Monsters Vs. Aliens is a classic idea of pitting some of the world's most inventive monsters against an impending alien threat. Much like the movie each character in the game possesses unique abilities that assist in taking down the extraterrestrial threat. This has worked out to Beenox's advantage as they split the game into three unique sections to keep things fresh from beginning to end."

+ Three game types
+ Lots of extras
+ Dialogue is great

- Co-op disappoints
- Repetition hinders
- Visuals are lacking

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