Will Saw be Konami's second great horror franchise? (Plus, first screenshots)

Variety: Pyramid Head, say hello to your new brother Jigsaw.

Konami has confirmed an earlier Cut Scene report that it bought the rights to bankrupt publisher Brash's in-production video game based on "Saw." It will be released this fall on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 to coincide with Lionsgate's "Saw VI." (As you've probably noticed, Konami provided us with the first ever screenshots from the game as well).

Though there's obviously no sequel plans yet, the Japanese publisher is undoubtedly hoping "Saw" will become its second survival horror franchise, alongside "Silent Hill."

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Hellsvacancy5555d ago (Edited 5555d ago )

Im a fan of the 1st 2 films the game should b cool im in2 ultra-violence and all

If Konami wanna make a good survival horror game they should make a game based upon a book and upcoming film called The Road http://www.imdb.com/title/t...

It was a GREAT book

riksweeney5555d ago

"If Konami wanna make a good survival horror game they should make a game based upon a book and upcoming film called The Road"

Must have been a different book to the one I read then.

solidt125555d ago

I am really looking forward to this game. It sound like it will be the Horror version of Portal due to the puzzles and game progression(not mechanically).

Hellsvacancy5555d ago

Its a post-apocalyptic tale of a man and his son trying to survive by any means possible

Fair enough i bought in2 the idea that the book would b full of violence gore (cannibalism) but that wasnt the case but theres an game in there sumwhere

Whilst readin it sum of it (and i mean sum of it) kinda reminded me of Fallout 3 in the way where The Man was havin 2 scavenge for food and tools etc even the most smallest of things r precious

Its just me your entitled 2 your own opinion :-)

Anon19745555d ago

Yeah, good book. It made Oprah's book club.
Oprah's book club.

I got nuthin.

Anyway, don't know what kind of game it would make though.
Hide...and hide...and walk...and walk...and hide...and eat a baby....and hide...and walk.

When's that movie due out anyway?

UltraNova5555d ago

Looking good so far but could anyone tell me which countries would actually allow this game to be sold? Or what rating should this game have?

If its going to be anything like Saw it should be 10 times worse than the Manhunt franchise. (enter futile disagrees here>> if you have played manhunt 1 and 2 and seen all Saw movies you would know what I am talking about).

Although I really like the idea I feel that this game will fail no doubt. The compromises Konami will have to take in order for this game to be released in Europe and the USA (where most of the money is)will no doubt destroy their original idea...

For further reading see Manhunt law suits, bans, court forced edits on the original game etc...

Its a shame though...

Hellsvacancy5555d ago (Edited 5555d ago )

The films finished and made man people hav seen it and said how spectacularly (that was a spell check word lol) great it is and thats the problem, many reviewers or who-ever that hav seen it hav said that its definetly an Oscar contender so they hav pushed the date waaaay back closer 2 when the next Oscars is (which sucks)

look how well No Country For Old Men did and that was written by the same dude

(Sorry 4 bein completely off topic)

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Anon19745555d ago (Edited 5555d ago )

I suffered through the first one and that was enough for me and I understand it was the best of the bunch. I've been into horror movies for the past 20 years and this torture porn that popped up isn't horror, in my opinion. "Oh! Will it hurt! Will he do it! Ohhhh! He totally did it! That's gross!" Give me a break.

Anyone see the trailer for Drag Me to Hell? Now that looks like a horror movie!

Edit below: Please. I spent the whole time yelling "He's right there! For the love of god, why hasn't anyone checked the body right there!" Ugh!

Panthers5555d ago

The first Saw was really scary too though. It wasnt about how people will die or whatever. The other ones were. I hated all of them except the first.

yoghurt5555d ago

ahhh ElementX, while your here whats this weeks lotto numbers please?!

The Lazy One5555d ago

I don't get how it's supposed to be scary. The film bases it's fear of of seeing humans react to pain or the thought of pain. I'm not sure how well that will translate to a game?

Anon19745555d ago

If I wanted to see humans react to the thought of pain I'd take a picture of myself prior to watching a Saw movie. If I wanted to see a human in pain...you get where this is going :)...I'd hold up a mirror to glance at myself while having to suffer through a Saw movie.

We could use the same exercise but with me and the anticipation of playing a Saw videogame.

Seriously...I agree with you though. This can't possibly work as a game.

DelbertGrady5555d ago

My bet is that it will use QTE for the traps.

Kurisu5555d ago

I'll be staying as far away as possible from this game! I'm not saying it will be a bad game (I'm sure fans of the films will enjoy it) but I just hate gore...

xabmol5555d ago

Sorry, sorry, couldn't resist. :D