Clip: Castlevania SotN 360 Gameplay

This four minute clip of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night playing on the Xbox 360 might as well have been titled "Why I was late to work on Wednesday morning."

Roblord6184d ago

I've played it on the PS and I'm waiting to see the improvements for the XBOX 360.
It appears that it will be the first title of XBLA to break the 50MB barrier...
Let's wait.


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Bloody Tearful: An ode to DS-era Castlevania Games

Castlevania’s twilight years were some of its best, but they were not enough to avert the dramatic end of the series as we knew and loved it.

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RiseNShine260d ago

Someone should fire to the lowest pit the guy on Konami that thought mobile gaming was the future and destroyed MGS, Castlevania and other franchises in the way.

edureboucas255d ago

I think that might have been a group decision, but lol!


The Best PlayStation 4 Vampire Games Worth A Playthrough

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HeliosHex467d ago

Code vein is a sexy soulslike game. Very well done. Wish it had dlc though.