GamesRadar: Black College Football

To some, "Black College Football" might come off as a racist title for a football videogame. However, the game is based in history – there are 103 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and many of them know how to play ball. In fact, black college football gives many Black Americans a huge sense of pride and community. Many NFL stars today, including famed wide receiver Jerry Rice and Super Bowl XXII MVP Doug Williams, consider themselves graduates of this esteemed culture.

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squelchy153485d ago

now if a game calle WHITE College Football it will classed as racist and banned straight away, what makes black people so different?

donscrillinger3485d ago

im not going to touch on wat you said but ,i will be getting this game just to have it ..looks like it could be fresh ...hopefully it wont be arcady ..more sim than madden and they will have an winner ..

shorttylad3485d ago

This is such an inappropriate game and title ffs... I dont know how any company should get away with this.. its RIDICULOUS...

everyone knows this sport isn't called football. Dumb Americans, you barely use your feet at all. get it right and stop trying to change things? "Soccer"? No, Football.