XboxInsider Monopoly Review

Jason Hawkins of Xboxinsider writes: "Personally, for my first review, I thought I'd choose something a little out of the ordinary. For me, that choice is obviously Monopoly.

Before I go into the good and bad about this game, I want to make two things clear: I love Monopoly as a board game, and I hate that this game does not have Live multiplayer. This being said; I move on to my actual review.

The game has two separate modes: Classic and Developer. Classic mode is exactly as you'd expect it to be. A normal game of Monopoly, a selection of multiple different boards to choose from; some you'd see in the normal board game (Standard and World being obvious choices), some you'd probably never seen before in your life (Cardboard board, Cheese board) which make for an interesting spin on the mix."

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