Sony to release White PS3 in US

Though Sony still denies it, the proof is there, the console gaming company filed with the FCC to bring the white PS3 from the Japanese markets into the North American markets.

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Sevir043490d ago

This new one will probably be announced at E3.

japwow3490d ago

too old article.
april fool.

Fishy Fingers3490d ago

Posted: 22/01/2008

Good job....

FerretWithASpork3490d ago

Crud, sorry about that guys, hadn't noticed. The original news tip was for a white PS3 with FF XIII graphics on it, but the article was in French, so I did some googling and this is what I found.

SB_tanker3490d ago

Man this white PS3 looks way cooler than the regular old piano black one IMO.

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