Wii Fit Says April Fools

Kotaku: "This is pretty neat. Booting up your copy of Wii Fit today will earn you a couple of pretty obvious April Fool's jokes.

Reader Andrew shipped us these two pictures, one showing the Wii Fit claiming that it's broken and another hinting that the Wii Fit may lie about your Body Test results.

Can you imagine if all electronics took today seriously? We'd be in a world of hurt."

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xabmol3579d ago

That's just funny. xD

Could you imagine if they took it a little further?

WARNING! Weight overload please step off the Balance board before you break it.

Soon as they step down the screen displays, April Fools! xp

Redempteur3578d ago

but 12 years old girls are already criying

Microsoft Xbox 3603578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

You're fat! April Fools. Not.

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