Microids launches Syberia 3 on PS3

Microïds, the owner of the Syberia franchise, announces the production of a new episode in the adventures of Kate Walker on the PlayStation 3 console and PC, bringing together console manufacturers with the world of the PC through a major collaborative innovation.

Syberia 3, the new episode in the adventures of Kate Walker, actually allows those playing on PC and those playing on PS3 to collaborate online, thanks to a simultaneous data exchange and sharing mode on the two platforms.

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PirateThom3486d ago

See, I'm not sure if this is an April Fool's or not.

On one hand, it's April Fool's Day... on the other, it's not some crap that's beyond the realm of possibility.

gaffyh3486d ago

I doubt it is an April Fool's

lordgodalming3486d ago

Only one comment struck me as being possible April 1 fodder: "Only PS3 players who have collaborated with PC players, and vice versa, will be able to accompany Kate to the end of the adventure."

I think they would piss off a LOT of gamers if playing online was a requirement to beat what sounds like a primarily single-player game. I enjoyed the first two on PC, so if this is real I might give it a look.

Marceles3486d ago's on the official site, but then again Alpine Legend was on the official as well

Bnet3433486d ago

was never a fan of these point and click adventure games but I guess this is good as PS3 doesn't have that type of game yet.

ThanatosDMC3486d ago

I hate N4G on April 1st... im so confused on what is truth! Oh wait, that's like everyday!

Argento-Nox3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )


*Clap clap* Well said ThanatosDMC, well said. I sometimes wonder why I come to N4G, but then I remember I enjoy reading some fanboy comments (^_^), some comments are real head scratchers, while some are just LOL funny.

On topic, this article seems the most plausible one I've read all day, but I'm chalking up a veto just b/c it's April's fools day.

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Jamegohanssj53486d ago

I am going to approve this because it seems some what credible unlike the other stories.


KionicWarlord2223486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

this has got to be a joke. i thoought this wouldnt see the light again.

ps360s3486d ago

April Fools killing me... lol

hopefully this is not a joke :D

Flipfito3486d ago

is n4g like this on every April 1st? now i dont know what to believe still wondering if that FFVII on PSN its'a evil joke.

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The story is too old to be commented.