Popmatters Review: Deadly Creatures

Popmatters Writes:

"As is common with most Wii games, the Wii-mote/motion sensitivity frequently fails you and can, much like the camera orientation, be the difference between living and dying. The scorpion's bury move (one that is critical to beating Gila Monster-like lizards) requires turning the Wii-mote upside down. But, if the sensor doesn't recognize that slight twist of the wrist, you will almost certainly find yourself staring death in the face. However, the motion sensor controls do yield some of the most enjoyable moments of the entire game: the finishing moves that you can execute after an enemy has been sufficiently weakened. With a different kill-move for each enemy, which are also dependent on the character that you choose to play, these slow-mo action sequences require timed Wii-mote/nunchuck swings to inspire the only "oh-face" moments in the entire game."

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