WorthPlaying: G-Force Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "We all know spies are cool; they really should occupy a place alongside pirates and ninjas as total badasses. James Bond has been around for 40 years and actually seems to be getting younger and more lethal by the day, so the villains of the world best be watching their backs. But what if you're a secret agent who happens to be a guinea pig? Would you still possess all the suave and cunning necessary to stop international bad guys, or would you be so distracted by your wheel and water bottle that you never make it out of the cage? According to Disney, the answer is definitely the former, and this summer's G-Force game is out to prove that it's more than a mere movie tie-in. The scary thing for gamers? It may just turn out to be true, and then all our preconceived notions that movie games are automatically terrible will be permanently shattered."

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