IGN: Bonsai Barber Review

IGN writes: "Diehard Nintendo fans -- the ones who rarely socialize with human beings and have heard rumors about boys kissing girls (we count ourselves members of this coveted club) -- will undoubtedly remember the name Martin Hollis. Sure, it's been awhile, but the man led the team responsible for the hit N64 game GoldenEye 007, which is looked upon by many Nintendo zealots as Christians view Jesus. Since then, Hollis formed Zoonami, a third-party with close ties to the Big N and the first major Wii project from the the company is -- well, it ain't GoldenEye, let's put it that way. Rather, it's a simple WiiWare title whose concept is so ridiculous that it somehow jives perfectly with Nintendo's download service. In Bonsai Barber, you give haircuts to plants. Yep. You read correctly. Foliage trims. Snippity-snip snip and off comes that unnecessary brush, that collection of leaves, and if you've done your job well, you will make some carrots and celery really damned happy."

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