Hands-on Alien Syndrome

Last week IGN Wii stopped by SEGA of America's San Francisco headquarters to play its new Wii undertaking, Alien Syndrome.

"The new Wii title, developed by Totally Games, takes place approximately 100 years later. This time, gamers control Lieutenant Aileen Harding, a 21-year-old soldier who is just as tough as she is beautiful. There are several differences between this new and improved sequel and its aged predecessor, the first of which is that the franchise is no longer restricted to the action genre. Rather, the game branches out into the realm of the RPG, enabling players the option to upgrade Harding's abilities as she runs-and-guns her way through alien-infested interiors and exteriors. Another key separator is the fundamentally changed (for the better) Wii control setup, which we'll get to momentarily. And finally, the new build features a four-player cooperative mode, as opposed to a two-player one."

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