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doctorstrange3578d ago

no wonder they won the best company award

TOO PAWNED3578d ago

Really funny videos. This is mostly for new studio in North Carolina. The one that is working on that multiplatform game.
"Console programming experience, especially on the PS3". - confirmed.

DeforMAKulizer3578d ago

Insomniac is still a second party to Sony... They confirmed that they are staying PS3-Only this generation... I don't think they are making a multi platform game...

Pennywise3578d ago

multiplat could mean ps3/psp.

Cajun Chicken3578d ago

Megacorp! LOL! I wonder if Fizzwidget is still in charge?
Not as good as 'Ballz'.

SIX3577d ago

Insomniac is world class all the way. Those videos where entertaining and clever. It's no wonder their games are as well.

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