Codemasters... WTF?

An editorial that discusses Codemasters decision to take the Colin McRae series even further away from its roots to satisfy the North American market in the upcoming sequel DiRT 2.

"We still can't believe you got away with shipping the first DiRT without Sweden or Finland. How do you have a rally game without snow? Or Finland, the spiritual home of rallying that has produced more successful drivers than any other country?"

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PirateThom3488d ago

WTF indeed....

Is the concept of WRC not "extreme" enough? You know, driving cars at fast speeds on, sometimes, perilous tracks?

I think that's a pretty dangerous thing by default, why do they need to make it "CLN MC" rather than "Colin McRae"?

MovieScouse0073487d ago

The title says it all.
Ken Block deserves to get his arse kicked.
For crying out loud does he want to be a beastie boy that much?
Colin would be spinning in his grave!

SlappingOysters3487d ago

It is such a shame that you have to go to America: they never come to you. Their way or the highway. But shame on Codemasters for sucking co*k and bending over for them.

V8 Supercars 2 and Colin McRae 4 were the peaks - been downhill since then. They can fob off now.

creeping judas3487d ago

Collin McCrae 04 was the pinnacle for the series for sure!!!

Tryst3487d ago

Same here. If it was a rally game I would have bought this outright.

I loved the old Rally games (even V-Rally!). It is the one genre that is sorely missed this generation.

Code masters, you don't have my money on this one - sorry.

dj555555553487d ago

another example of dumbing down to please the simple

housegroove763487d ago

WTF?!!! indeed. Is this how us american have come to view Rally? If so, book my ticket out of the country. True Rally isnt about exxxtreeeem!!! Mountain Dew or some bullsh!t How can they say that WRC is boring?! My head hurts...

On a more positive note, the chicks in that video were smoking hot

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