Why Are Racing Developers Heading to the PC?

Gamasutra: Opportunities for developers of racing games seem to have taken a detour. The console track has narrowed to just a few high-profile vehicles, like Sony's Gran Turismo, Microsoft's Forza Motorsport, Electronic Arts' Need For Speed and Codemasters' Dirt. Indeed, many studios with racing experience have shuttered as demand for other titles has disappeared.

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Yodagamer4520d ago

simple, less competition, along with better hardware for physics and graphics

NYC_Gamer4520d ago

plus they can break even/enjoy more profit without having to sell millions of copies.it's really cutting out the middleman since all sales will be digital.

papashango4520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

As far as racing goes consoles only have 2 real racing sim franchises. Though imo I wouldn't even call them sims. There's quite a bit on pc so the less competition claim is false.

Yodagamer4520d ago

@Papashango, by less compition i mean less big names are involve in the pc sims, so by going on pc you have a chance to be that big name if your popular enough

john24520d ago

You think it's less competitive? I think not. rFactor 2, iRacing, Asseto Corsa, Project CARS. Add to them Live For Speed that has a lot of followers and you have a pretty BIG competition.

Fact is that the sim racing model is ideal for the PC market. The whole idea of community-based development can't work on consoles for a lot of reasons (freedom and the pay model for two). Developers can earn a lot, provided they give their community what they want to

blind-reaper4519d ago

Those are no-names for the general public (even mainstream gamers), there is no way those names can compete with the marketing muscle from Sony and the GT brand and Microsoft with Forza.

lodossrage4520d ago

You're very wrong on that. The computer racing market has plenty of competition.

The difference is most computer games don't get the kind of mainstream recognition Gran Turismo or Forza do. Therefore because of that, the computer landscape for racing games is more evenly matched whereas on the home system you'd have to deal with either Gran Turismo or Forza...or both if you're multiplatform based

Yodagamer4520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

That is what i meant it doesn't have the competion of the big names like forza and gran turismo, it is more open and developer friendly, which allow people to experiment on pc without effecting there bottom line like they would if it was on a console

Dee_914520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

Why Are Racing Developers Heading to the PC? because their not
You just asked a question to a lie
PC has always had a big list of racing developers.
Racing games on pc isnt new

lodossrage4520d ago

But hey, they have to get their hits right? Even if is by falsified methods.

Computer gaming indeed has been home to many racing developers for more than a decade. But we know how the media works. Anything for that extra hit

Maddens Raiders4519d ago (Edited 4519d ago )

as long as Polyphony, Kaz, & GT are on a PlayStation console, that's *more than good enough for me & millions of others worldwide.

Britainz-Fin3st4519d ago (Edited 4519d ago )

I think that the reason there are fewer racers on console as to pc is because Gran turismo, Forza, NFS are all very well established names and i believe they all do an excellent job in being able to offer the experience that they do and i believe the developers of said games are able to push the hardware further and get alot more from the console then say another developer, meaning compared to the competition those 3 games offer a game which looks better, plays better and offers more.

my two cents

**should read artcicle first but pretty similar**

potenquatro4519d ago (Edited 4519d ago )

hardware has become more of a reson now.

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xtreampro4520d ago

Because they can achieve something like this http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Consoles can't handle a racing sim as detailed as CARS is and will be when it's finished at 1080p 60fps or above.

Terarmzar4520d ago

That looked really good, but is it just me or did the cars seem to have a float like look to them. It looks really good though.

Voxelman4519d ago

the game is still early Alpha stage, physics still need a lot of polish, it's still pretty great considering how early it is.

Britainz-Fin3st4519d ago

That looks amazing
but im willing to bet that is not someone playing the game.

Letros4519d ago

It is, why would you think otherwise?

Britainz-Fin3st4516d ago (Edited 4516d ago )


because developers are known for showing of cgi footage and claiming its gameplay, to hype the game.

GT5, forza, nfs, they have all done it..

I specificaly remember thew ps3 f1 launch title, i got the ps3 just for that and i still remember the "in game trailer" which, to be fair looked nothing like the final product.

Since then i never trust a video called "gameplay" inless i can see the person playing via a camera of screen.

Also forgot to say, theres a difference between in game footage, and game play footage.
Sometimes they use the game engine? i think? which makes the video "not cgi"? but still far superior to the end product.
Gears of war comes to mind.

lodossrage4520d ago

It has nothing to do with what a Home system can or can't do. We know a home system is limited compared to a computer.

The issue lies in the fact that they can't compete with Gran Turismo or Forza. Just read the article and one of them is even blatantly telling you that.

kmanmx4520d ago

Compete ? Perhaps not in terms of licensing and quantity of cars and soundtracks which require huge budgets.

But in terms of realism and graphics PC is way ahead. PC Sims look better, are more realistic, and you can play online with 64racers in some games. You could never do this on console without big sacrifices.

lodossrage4520d ago

Then you go tell that to the developers that SAID they can't compete with Gran Turismo and Forza IN THE ARTICLE if you happen to read it.

As I just stated, Being BETTER isn't the issue. Getting NOTICE IS.

If you make a sim on the ps3, your FIRST thought has to be "how can i take out Gran Turismo.

If you make a sim on the 360, your FIRST thought has to be "how can i take out Forza".

If you make a sim on the computer, you FIRST thought is "i have to take out......(crickets)"

See what's being said there? There is no MAJOR competitor on the Computer racing landscape. No Household name. No competitor backed by a powerhouse company.

THEREFORE, they don't have to worry about having to COMPETE with a well-known adversary.

xtreampro4520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

You need to read it again about another 100 times.

And I hope you understood that quote because he's not saying their too good to compete with in terms of grpahics/physics but in terms of general popularity.

If a new sim that is 100 times more realistic than both Forza and GT was to be released on consoles it would still sell badly because of GT and Forzas foundation.

At least being on the PC they can get recognized (and it has all the best sims anyway).

lodossrage4520d ago

Why don't you read around the top half of the second page.

I'll even go quote some of it for you.

"That's because any new console racers would compete head-to-head with Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport, which are already on their fourth or fifth iterations, Tudor says. "Trying to win that war would be very difficult, requiring lots of money, lots of time, lots of licenses, and a big team to do it well."

Now it's up to you if you want to read the rest in its entirety

ULTIMATE_REVENGE4520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

"If you make a sim on the computer, you FIRST thought is "i have to take out......(crickets)"

You sad console fanboy, he clearly mentioned a couple of PC racing sims and yet you say there's no one to compete with on the PC. Are you sure you never skimmed through the article just to grab a quote that you think supports your ridiculous post? Because I think you did.

He could could have listed about 20+ sim racers on the PC if he wanted to.

Me-Time4520d ago

Dip-shit. You sad, sad person.

Hicken4520d ago

And, as good as they are, not ONE of them has a name that commands as much power or market as Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport.

Yes, there are some standout titles, like iRacing and C.A.R.S., but those names aren't nearly as dangerous as the two big console sims.

THAT is the point, Mr. Revenge.

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ChiVoLok04520d ago

I miss decent-good racing games being released yearly. Now they all suck. We need NFS Underground 3 and a new Midnight Club.