All or Nothing for Mass Effect on PS3

"Mass Effect is a brilliant gaming experience. Legendary RPG developers Bioware created one of the most immersive Sci-Fi universes in entertainment history, and then managed to infuse traditional genre elements with fast-paced real-time action and an organic multi-threaded conversation system. The net result was one of the genre's most approachable experiences, sucking many a hater into a style of gameplay they would usually avoid. With all this in mind, you can understand why persistent rumours that the series could be going multi-format for its sequel have been latched upon by hopeful PlayStation gamers worldwide.

However, that hope may very well have been squashed by the recent run of Mass Effect 2 related information to surface from the GDC." - from gameplayer

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SasanovaS7773492d ago

do your self a favor and listen carefully to what the guy said. the beginning of the game, opening, will be different with the save file. but the beginning never made the game. the story of the first mass effect can easily be covered by playing the second one, and thats what it will happen. if by any chance you do have a saved file, which you probably dont since you have no Gigs to save your file and keep it saved since you deleted it to try and fit a demo of another game on your harddrive (lol), but if you do, you will be treated to an opening that will easily connect the first story with the second. no, i am not a developer, but i think like one, and im sure thats how it will go. dont worry, that saved file wont have much effect on the rest of the game after the first couple of missions in the opening of the game...

SasanovaS7773492d ago

and 1 more thing, they have to include some relevance to the first mass effect to add more to its sales. its the final step in selling the first game, which is why they have to give you some incentive to play the first...this has been done so many times before and NEVER did it effect the game the way most people want it to

lord_of_balrogs3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

You can choose to have the full story, or a story you won't fully understand by buying a story driven sequel but not having played the 1st one. Obviously there will be a plot summary at the beginning but that does not equal knowledge of the story. I only see the PS3 getting number 2 if it gets number 1 and at this rate, a year and half it doesn't seem likely that the PS3 to recieve the original.

ravinash3492d ago

Fact is that its possible that people playing Mass Effect 2 on PS3 have played it on the first one.
Just because they started playing it on one system does not mean that they will forever have to play it on that system.
MGS is a good example of a story driven series that have crossed platforms but didn't require you playing the first one before you could get into the second...third, etc.
Plus its crazy for them to not make it accessible for people who have not played the first one no matter what system its on as they don't want to limit a sales number to only what the first one did.

Masta_fro3492d ago

it would be great

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SlappingOysters3492d ago

yeah but previous games didn't intigrate the gameplay and story such as Mass Effect plans. If you had both consoles and had Mass Effect on one, would you buy the sequel on the other given the way the save games behave?

aldesko3492d ago

The original ME didn't sell as well as it deserved... I highly doubt EA would allow BioWare to make a game that can only be played by people who played the first.

I personally know two people who bought Mass Effect and hated it. So let's say 2 million people bought the original on 360 and 75% will buy ME2... that's 1.5 million sales for ME2 if EA is lucky. Now ME3 comes along and 75% of the people who played ME2 are interested... that's less than 1.15 million sales.

Usually sequels are designed to attract new players, not the other way around... although there aren't many AAA RPG trilogies like Mass Effect to compare with. Also, let's remember this is EA we're talking about. There's no reason for them not to port it to PS3 considering it will be a AAA game. PS3 has few good RPGs and I'm sure Mass Effect 2 would be a welcome addition.

morganfell3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I played Mass Effect. I still have it on the 360 and PC. The article acts as if there is a dire necessity for the first one in order to even understand the second one. That isn't necessary for PS3 owners any more than it will be for 360 owners that did not get the first one.

As far as story, please. PS3 owners played MGS4. We know all about intricate stories. For fans that did not play the prior 6 canon games, they did miss plenty in MGS4. Still the game as a stand alone offered an experience better than any last year. The Mass Effect story spans a single game thus far and the nuance and detail doesn't approach even the outer solar system of Metal Gear complexity.

beardpapa3492d ago

I played kotor 1 and kotor 2. Even though I saved the galaxy from doom in the first game, the 2nd game started off with the Sith controlling everything. With that in mind, it's possible for ME2 to be designed in a way like kotor 2, without really needing the player to have played ME1 to be able to enjoy the game.

pixelsword3492d ago

It's on the PC.

You don't need a 360.

The PS3 doesn't need it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3492d ago

Yeah just get it on PC I'm sure Microsoft wont mind.

harrisk9543491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

However, Bioware simply cannot make ME2 inaccessible to newcomers... it doesn't matter if it ever comes to PS3 and stays exclusive to the Xbox... the fact of the matter is that many people will not go back and play the first game just to play the second one. Many who either did not by ME or did not have an Xbox at the time or didn't save the file or lost their original Xbox due to RROD might even be turned off if they feel that they need to play the first.

The fact that you can use an ME game save to enhance your experience sounds like an awesome concept and may push some to buy and ME before playing ME2 (thus creating additional sales)... However, it is unreasonable for Bioware to expect people to do so. They will, by necessity, have to have an alternative to maintaining the gaming experience to make it just as exciting for newcomers to the game. Plus, would anyone expect EA to make a game inaccessible to newcomers?

As a non-gaming analogy, look at Lost. It is one of the best, most innovative shows of all time -- a genre changer. However, anyone who may be interested in getting started will have a difficult time figuring out what the hell is going on if you haven't seen the first 4 seasons... Because of this, the show has lost viewers over the course of the series and is nowhere near as popular now as it was the first season. To take that a step further, the Lost experience can be enhanced by going on the internet and participating in all of the forums, games, etc. Some will do that, but most won't.

The same thing is true of a video game such as ME (or even more true, since a game is an active experience that involves work, while a television show is a passive experience requiring no work). How many will go back and do the extra work involved in enhancing the ME experience by playing the first one??? Who knows. And doesn't that issue become even more pronounced by the time that ME3 comes out?? I don't believe that EA or Bioware will take that risk and will make sure that everyone has a great experience playing ME2 even if they didn't play ME.

xwabbit3491d ago

played ME 1 on my PC, was good

raztad3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

@aldesko, @harrisk954

Pretty spot on. I fully agree with both. I dont see BioWare or even more EA, making a game ONLY for ME1 owners, that is totally nonsense. What about xbox newcomers? this is a problem every story based franchise needs to solve. God of War is a good example, it is very nice to have played the first but you dont need to in order to play the second.

That said, Im almost sure MS wants to keep this game as a timed exclusive to counter GoWIII launch next year. If true it will cost a lot of money to MS cause a very good chunk of EA profits come from the PS3.

morganfell3491d ago

Just get the PC version. It is published by EA and you likely already have windows so you aren't having to give MS any more money.

IcarusOne3491d ago

Very well thought out points. Have a bubble.

I seriously doubt Bioware is expecting everyone to have played ME1. I have no doubt the game will be inclusive enough to allow new players into the fold. It sounds like the save game function will, as you speculated, only enhance the ME2 and ME3 playthroughs. The beauty of this design is that when players get sucked into ME2 and hear all the little references to Shepherd to in the first game, they will be more inclined to do check out ME1.

As for your Lost analogy: I've loved Lost since the beginning, but I didn't start watching it until after Season 2. Let me tell you, buying those first two seasons was one of the best purchases of my life. For two weekends, I've never had so much fun getting Lost. And I speculate that the reason the viewership has dropped off is because the show is now starting to unravel (last week's episode notwithstanding). Plus, ABC's marketing is retarded. But I digress. The point is I had no qualms about shelling out the dough to get into this show correctly. And gamers are an obsessive bunch. If ME2 works on them, they'll have no problem getting into the first.

I think this type of storytelling is not something to be feared but embraced and applauded.

No Way3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Hmmm, I also think like a developer, and, I must say, you sound like an idiot..

@harrisk954 - Whether or not they use a previous save file, the story is still going to branch on from the first game, so you'd just be missing out on a lot of story..

@beardpapa - True.. But, their is a BIG difference. In Kotor1 and Kotor2 there was like separation of a few hundred years.. Whereas ME1 and ME2 there will only be a few year separation.

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Acidicpack3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I really hope that this game drops on the PS3. Having played both the 360 and PC versions of Mass Effect 1 I have to say that this will truly be a great game and it should not be missed by any gamer given what console that he or she mite own.

I hope that they keep the user interface that was given to the PC. It made playing ME much easier. They also need keep the new inventory system that was on the PC as well.

If your going to disagree with my comment please explain why. I'm getting tired off all these phantom disagrees by stupid fan boys.

Rmagnus3492d ago

people will disagree with you if you make too much sense ^^

Having said that I don't really care for mass effect 1 nor 2 simply because I am not a big fan of sci-fi. Give me dragons, knights and mages anytime =)

Acidicpack3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Bioware is dropping a game this summer call Dragon Age that looks to be killer. I'm definitely going to pick it up.

Even if you don't like ME you should still try to play or at least watch the last 45 min of the game. The ending to ME was just plain epic as hell.

Rmagnus3492d ago

ya after i read that "BioWare co-CEO Ray Muzyka describes Dragon Age: Origins as a 'spiritual successor' to the Baldur's Gate series"

I can't wait for it! and they said 2008 was a good year for gaming, 2009 is just crazy!!!

cmrbe3492d ago

because i think it should remain on the x360. I want bioware to do the best they can with ME2 on the x360. However with EA publishing. I know for sure it will eventually be on the PS3.

ME and bioshock started on the x360. If it was up to me they would be exclusive and be showcases for the x360. This is why there should be more than 1 conoles.

There is no point in having multiple consoles if there are little or no exclusives to justify their existence.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3492d ago

Why would anyone buy the PC version and the 360 version? both are the same game, you ether waste money or your lieing.

Babypuncher3492d ago

"Why would anyone buy the PC version and the 360 version? both are the same game, you ether waste money or your lieing."

i own several of the same games on all platforms. Why? Because I can.

Acidicpack3491d ago

Well Jason I'm no lair. I bought the PC version on steam due to the revamped inventory system, better hud layout, faster load times, better graphics and it was on sale for $14.99. Given the fact that I work nights for 7 days and get a 3 hr break I can play it on my laptop at work.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3491d ago

So when games come out on 3 platforms PC, 360, and PS3 you buy all 3? Why don't you give that wasted money to the bum down the street so he can eat tonight. Sorry bro I think your just full of it.

blackpanther253491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

its not special having more than one copy of a game.
I have 2 copies of:
Rock band (first one is badly scratched still works sometimes)
Halo 3
Halo 2
Age of Empires III
Mass effect (one for 360 and one for pc)

Mass effect is a special. i got the a pc version as well because they said they were gonna fix bugs and make improvements. I bought an extras of my fps so that i can play with someone on two 360s or two Pc

Acidicpack3491d ago

I guess some people cant seem to grasp how kick ass it is to be playing an epic game like Mass Effect on your laptop at work and be able to get away with it lol.

Seems a damn good reason to buy an extra copy of the game if you ask me lol

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LeonSKennedy4Life3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I hope the second one comes to PS3.

I played the first one through on PC.

It's only 20 bucks people. Come on!

EDIT: Disagrees?

What? You guys don't want a PS3 version?

SlappingOysters3492d ago

This could be the biggest single thing holding back the PS3 version of the game. The original was made on that I believe, and it probably isn't worth the time investment to get the bloody thing working smoothly.

And while the game was awesome, its sales were merely solid (2 mil I think) not blockbuster.

DelbertGrady3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

2 million on 360 alone. For an rpg that's pretty impressive.

In comparison, "blockbuster" exclusives like LBP and Uncharted sold in the same range while Resistance 2(1.53 mil) and Motorstorm 2(0.63 mil) bombed in comparison. Games that were aimed at a much broader audience.

Also, Mass Effect was never bundled like the other games were. If it had been it would probably have reached 3 or 4 million.

meatnormous3492d ago

R2 and MS2 are still fairly new games while ME has been out for awhile now. I picked up ME and played it for a short time. I haven't devoted time to ME yet cause if the game is as good as people say it is, I want plenty of time to play it when it sucks me in.

SlappingOysters3492d ago

I like it. But if Gears went to PS3, for example, the sale potential would make it much more worth it. I think Mass Effect would get a decent but not stellar Ps3 audience.

Look how hard Bioshock flopped on PS3.

3492d ago
RememberThe3573492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Are you kidding me? MS pushed the hell outta Mass Effect, much more then Sony pushed R2.

MS advertises their games, their not Sony.

And to me R2 and MS:PR aren't nearly as good as ME, so I'm glad to see the better game sell more, that usually isn't the case.

@SlappingOysters: Bioshock bombed because they released a game that was a year old at full price. If it was even 49.99 it would have sold much better.

cayal3492d ago

"Motorstorm 2(0.63 mil)"

Motorstorm 2 has hit over 1 million.

cmrbe3492d ago

who are you trying to fool?.

You know very well that ME had way more advertising and game journalist attention than R2 or M2.

again. Who are you trying to fool?.

DelbertGrady3491d ago

What's the point of releasing games on the PS3 if they don't sell as well as on the 360? Sony's 1st party devs must be under some heavy contracts. I bet Sega learned their lesson with Valkyria Chronicles. I expect the same reception for Mass Effect 1 or 2, if any of them go multi.

Pennywise3491d ago

Soda/Mart You try so hard to convince others of what you are saying, but I am unsure if you even believe it.

DelbertGrady3491d ago

Is that so, Pennywise/SasanovaS777/ultimol u/Juuken/morganfell/crmbe/nasim ?

Tiberium3491d ago

That's right, multiple accounts = fanboy.

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