Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers Website Opens

Square Enix have launched the official site for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, the latest entry in the spin-off series for Nintendo Wii.

Crystal Bearers is the newest of an ever growing number of FF:CC titles, but this game is notable as it's going to be the first entry in the series to really tackle a classic long, dramatic Final Fantasy plot in the Crystal Chronicles universe.

It's also anticipated as it will be the first major FF title on Wii. The website features a trailer previously only available in the Japanese version of the last FF:CC game and a new arrangement of the Final Fantasy theme by Crystal Chronicles series composer Kumi Tanioka.

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KruLLit3513d ago

I have a baaaaad feeling about this

BrotherNick3513d ago

game websites are baaaad.

KruLLit3513d ago

I think the trailer is somehow unserious, but I really hope they will make a good game in the end. Because I want a good jrpg for my Wii.

ChickeyCantor3513d ago

So country music is "unserious" ?

It actually shows some cool features.

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BrotherNick3513d ago

It looks like we're getting a good storyline and action, yays. :D

ChickeyCantor3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

I'm looking forward to this game...Its been a while since i got an FF game for a console.

I like how you can use the enemies as weapons...SE got me excited for this one...thats just weird.

phantomexe3513d ago

Sidar didn't you post on the why madworld not selling post.....yes you did.You said you sold your wii 6 months ago and wanted nothing to do with the wii or any of its games.

ChickeyCantor3513d ago

" .You said you sold your wii 6 months ago and wanted nothing to do with the wii or any of its games."

LMAO what?
Now, in what kind of paradox world are you living in XD.

Citation needed!

kesvalk3513d ago

he is talking about a quote you made about a guy who sold his wii... a dramatic guy that said nintendo din't grew with him...

phantom.exe just don't know how to read...

phantomexe3513d ago

yes this game looks great

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