Game Focus: Major League Baseball 2K9 Review

Game Focus writes: "The 2009 MLB season is starting in a few days and after getting my hands on Sony's MLB 09 The Show a few weeks back, I was very excited to see what 2K and Visual Concepts were bringing this year to their MLB 2K franchise. After last years' strikeout, the developers are back with Major League Baseball 2K9, a serious attempt to fix the broken vases from last year."


- Batting and pitching system are more accessible
- Lots of modes available
- Solid online play experience
- Nice play-by-play commentary, environmental sounds
- Solid visuals and animations
- Menus received a nice facelift


- Frustrating fielding mechanics, throwing meter is a bit sensitive
- Pitching system is good but doesn't bring the sense of realism
- AI fielding is a bit too good
- Stamina and composure meters are almost useless
- Throwing meter is a bit sensitive
- Weird original soundtrack choice

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