"Atlantica Online" To Add 4 New Dungeons and 3 Major Features

At this year's GDC, Ndoors Interactive revealed several new content updates for "Atlantica Online" this year, including 4 new dungeons, and 3 major gameplay additions.

The dungeons will increase the game's dungeon level cap, and the features will add a cross-server PVP server, player housing, and a new "tactical battle system" which will enable massive 100 v 100 battles utilizing terrain, constructs, and mining resources.

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Coyotegrey3489d ago

Customizable blades for the power saw class. Mine would have a smiley face. Post-battle it would be a lot more covered in red than the Watchmen smiley. A lot more.

ahnonamis3489d ago

I'd settle for just making the power saw class a non-"premium" one. I don't want to get a guy to level 100 just so I can make a power saw! I want to START with a power saw!

Back to my musician melting faces with his guitar magic...

italianbreadman3489d ago

Oooh, trim that client, baby!

LeonSKennedy4Life3489d ago

Why am I not excited for this?

Myst3489d ago

Just finished downloading the client waiting for it to patch now. Definitely wanted to try this game out for a long while, now seems like the perfect chance to do so.

ahnonamis3489d ago

I just started playing it yesterday. Incredibly fun game. Melting faces left and right with my Musician's Spirit Guitar.

STONEY43489d ago

I've never even heard of the game.