IncGamers: Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – The Director's Cut Review

IncGamers' Chris Schilling looks at the revamped Broken Sword game.

"The promised revival of the point-and-click genre since Wii's arrival on the console scene hasn't really materialised. Sure, we've had a few Strong Bads, a Secret Files and a season of Sam & Max, but what we're all secretly hoping for is for Lucasarts to wise up and get remaking some of its old classics. With that particular sleeping giant showing no signs of stirring, it's up to Charles Cecil and Revolution to revive a PC favourite from yesteryear."

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Maticus3585d ago

Any game with the Templars and swords mentioned gets my interest, unless it turns out to be based in modern times, with no swords and Templars around :(

GameOn3585d ago

I always wanted them to put a broken sword game on the Wii. Sounds like a perfect match.

Fyzzu3585d ago

LucasArts are never going to go back to making point-and-click games, and the talent that made them so good doesn't work there anymore anyway.

Other than that! Decent review, and something I'd look into picking up. Played through Broken Sword recently, and it's still a brilliant, brilliant game, even with the cack quality of the recording, so I'm definitely interested in this remake/update.

Dorjan3585d ago

a big name but a lot to live up too... a high score so I guess they have in many ways!