Healthy 25-year-old man dies while playing Wii Fit

A fit and healthy 25-year-old man, collapsed and died in front of his horrified girlfriend and best friend while playing Wii Fit.

Tim Eves was 'jogging' on Wii Fit when he slumped to the floor. Paramedics dashed to the house, and rushed Tim, who had been fit and well, to hospital but it was too late.

A post-mortem has been held, but the cause of death is yet to be determined. The family were told he could have been killed by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

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no_more_trolling3489d ago

he might have died while playing wii fit, but its not wii fits fault. that would be stupid to think that a wii fit game, thats made for grannies would kill a healthy 25 year old.

he died of natural causes. or maybe the illuminati assassinated him.

Chris3993489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

That has yet to be determined. And if it did, expect litigation on a massive scale. We live in an age of lawyers and legislation. If any of the victim or his family have even a faint reason to sue, they will (as they should).

I'm interested to see how this all pans out.

tda-danny3489d ago

They SHOULD sue if they have even the faintest reason to?

Give me a break... Must be the American way right?

Guy dies from a little bit of exercise... sue the company for allowing him to make the decision to exercise.


thewhoopimen3489d ago

"Sudden Adult Death Syndrome"

Is that the name they give these days when they have no *cough* "bu11sh1t" *cough* idea, how a person collapses?

Why does a currently non-explainable death need to be labeled like that? It sounds so idiotic.

N4g_null3489d ago

Seriously this is bad. SADS is real go and get checked out. I'm not here to place blame and really there seems to be more to it. There is this risk with every one that does physical activities.

You really do have to take going to the doctor seriously.

Another thing is this must be hard for the family so don't be inconsiderate. It's just not right to put a story up like this in order to start a fanboy fight.

SiLeNt KNighT3489d ago

whats their definition of healthy? this is horrible news though. if somebody went to the gym and died of a little exercise would the gym get sued? The family might try but the contract you agree to when signing up for the gym or wii fit for this matter will make it very hard to sue. nintendo may settle out of court just to keep this on the DL.

Parappa The Rappa3489d ago

Thats my bet. They haven't released a cause of death yet, so it could be.

In-cognito3489d ago

@ Chris399

Quote - If any of the victim or his family have even a faint reason to sue, they will (as they should).

So by your logic:

Alcohol companies made me drink and drive?
Auto companies made me drink and drive?
Gun or bullet companies made me shoot someone?
Video game makers made me shoot someone?
The maker of the spoon or fork I use when I eat made me fat?

It will never stand up in court (as it shouldn't)

Its time to stop blaming others for things that go wrong in your world.

Sh!t happens!

Brawler3489d ago

I think it was ninjas.

Tsalagi3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

He could have had a piece of Cholesterol break free and make it's way to his heart or a weakened blood vessel in his brain that popped. (Either way we can rest assured it wasn't Lupus). I doubt it was from stepping off and on a piece of plastic though.

Chris3993489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I never said that it was RIGHT or that I AGREED WITH the state of how the world is. You can bury your head in the sand and put your hands up to your ears and scream "la-la-la", but that won't make the reality disappear. If these people have the faintest reason to sue, they will. That's a reality. Personally, I'm Canadian and we don't litigate for fault as much as other countries (though we're becoming more and more petty as the years go by).

To be clear, I DON'T PERSONALLY AGREE THAT THEY SHOULD SUE, but I am aware that in accordance with the law and once instructed by a lawyer, they probably will if the evidence is inconclusive. As someone who works in the fitness industry and has a degree in sports medicine, there are questions to be answered. Did he consult with his doctor before beginning a physical regime? Does Wii Fit qualify as a physical conditioning? Is there some sort of waiver/ disclaimer/ release that comes with the software? Did he have a pre-existing injury or illness? I said that these are interesting questions, because they are.

In any event, my condolences for the family.

@In-cognito. Alcohol comes with a warning not to drink to excess. Cars require training before use. Guns require various degrees of licensing or training before purchase. Your other two examples are irrelevant and have no relation to the matter at hand. Exercise, can directly attribute to someone's death if conducted improperly. That's why PARQs, waivers and fitness tests exists, to protect trainers and practitioners from litigation.

In-cognito3487d ago

@ Chris399
Quote - To be clear, I DON'T PERSONALLY AGREE THAT THEY SHOULD SUE, but I am aware that in accordance with the law and once instructed by a lawyer, they probably will if the evidence is inconclusive

If you don't think they should sue, why would you say this:

Quote - If any of the victim or his family have even a faint reason to sue, they will (as they should). <--- That last part?

You confuse me.

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qface643489d ago

if he just died like that then he clearly wasn't healthy

there must have been something wrong with him deep down inside

3489d ago
christian hour3489d ago

You could try reading the article and then you'd know one of the suspected causes of his death is Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Why bother posting if all you're going to read is the title? I think I'll reply to you by just reading yr title.

Hmm indeed!

See? Waste of everyones bloody time!

BranWheatKillah3489d ago

My thought exactly.

The title of "Healthy Adult" does not apply to someone dieing during a light workout.

qface643489d ago

i don't remember saying i never read the article

sudden adult death syndrome do you even know what that is?
clearly if they are saying this is the cause its because they don't know what's wrong

also why would wii fit kill a healthy man?
my health is in the toilet and im not dead after using wii fit

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Sangria3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

So he died in front of his friends and girlfriend and no one was able to do him the first aid?
Well, at least he has been buried with his favorite fishing rods.

TapiocaMilkTea3489d ago

if his friends perform CPR to him until the paramedics arrive, and keep blood flowing to the brain. Everyone should know the basics of CPR, it really comes in handy.

No Way3489d ago

Agreed, I think everyone should learn CPR when they reach middle school.

heroicjanitor3489d ago

When people die because of "sudden death syndrome".

christian hour3489d ago

Especially for us! Anytime we may be doing our most embarrassing secret (Ya know, normal stuff, like enjoying child porn, or hacking up the body of yr missing neighbour so no one ever finds out!), there will always be the the threat of sudden adult death syndrome kicking in and killing us before we can clear up the evidence, and our secrets will be revealed to the world in a such a way that will forever overshadow our death, and even our lives before it!

(For those who didn't see the humor, and the satirical statements above, then maybe I did cross the line there just a little bit with the child pornography.)

Pennywise3489d ago

Yeah Christian, I see the humor... he got caught playing wiifit.

christian hour3489d ago

Exactly, which leads me to believe sudden adult death syndrome may be caused by some form of sentient air borne intellegince, so malevolent in its ways that it only strikes during peoples most embarrassing moments, so they'll forever be remembered for something like playing the wiifit! And not something manly like say, Fishing??

On a more serious note, my respects to his family and friends. Death's a hard thing to deal with when it happens to someone young, and its even harder when its out of the frickin blue! And I'm sure there are people on here who can relate to this story and understand the pain it can cause to many many people.

Pennywise3489d ago

Hey, look at Elvis... Died with his pants around his ankles and a dirty crack. Inxs singer was just trying to choke himself a little, while choking himself(ha) and ended up hanging himself with his pants down. I am beginning to see a pattern.

christian hour3489d ago

I see what you're getting at... If you want to be remembered after death... completely ignoring the fact those two men were famous... You have to die in the most embarrassing way possible... Asphyxiation during masturbation and dying while taking a crap are already taken... As is death while playing wiifit... All the good ones are taken :(

Pennywise3489d ago

lol! Just mark me down for death while sleeping. I would rather not be remembered for something like that. If I am not famous before I die, I do not want to be famous for dying!

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