The evolution of DAAAAAA

Since (and before) the release of Ubisoft's Rayman Raving Rabbids on the Wii (and soon enough, on the Xbox 360 and DS as well), many have already been smitten by the fluffy bundles of impending disco doom. And the person behind it all? No other than character designer Hubert Chevillard. In his latest update on the dev blog for RRR over at IGN, Chevillard explains just how exactly the Rabbids came to be what they are now: "everybody's favorite fauna" in his words, and "Ubisoft's impromptu mascot" in ours.

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OldSchoolGamer4257d ago

This guy needs to lay off the Shrooms

Chagy4257d ago

i love their commercials with the rabbits and the youtube videos of them