The 10 Worst Microsoft Product Names Of All Time

PCWorld Writes:

"From Microsoft Bob and Windows Genuine Advantage to an ever-shifting potpourri of monikers for its handheld operating system, Microsoft has shown a real talent for unfortunate product names. Here are our picks for the 10 worst (and six bonus runners-up)--along with alternatives that might have worked better."

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KionicWarlord2223492d ago

lol Microsoft Bob. forgot about that.

No FanS Land3491d ago

Well they used 360 which stands for a complete turn, hence a complete reinvention of the machine. And I believe they pulled it off.

Why dis3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

You think something with 360 in the name is lame?

Go figure ;

Your BIO is crazy. I don't think thats healthy.

IMO the 360 has the best non child-like name of them all.

gta28003491d ago

Nah, I heard this comment on here a while back which is more logical. Some dude said that it's called 360 cause it goes from Microsoft, to the consumer and then right back to Microsoft. Which seems pretty logical to me lol. RROD was a b!tch, or in some cases, it's still a b!tch lol.

Game13a13y3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

360 in actuality means it goes out from the factory, gets to your hand, RROD, then goes back to the factory again. just like life, it's a cycle.

No FanS Land3491d ago

Somehow I can't figure how I would offend people stating the obvious. for **** sake, I'm only talking about a product's name! Maybe it's the "I believe they pulled it off" some people. Yeah so what? MS' console is succesfull, you're going to deny me? Go ahead, just ask those (I don't remember the actual number) 20+ millions XBL subscribers.

N4Flamers3491d ago

let me get this straight so if I send my rrod console to the factory they keep it? Thats where the circle ends? You could have come up with something more creative like its a 360 because you'll be buying one again. No need to thank me.

Kleptic3490d ago

the name 'xbox 360' was ONLY to compete with Sony and the PS3...thats it...MS didn't want to have an Xbox '2' fighting against a playstation '3'...while that seems stupid to those of us who follow this hobby makes sense in a marketing stand point when trying to get the attention of ignorant parents away from the industry standards (in this sense; Playstation as a brand)...

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Timesplitter143492d ago

I was expecting something more entertaining than that

IzKyD13313491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

The Xbox.....what the hell is an Xbox any way? Is it a porn storage unit or something? It has nothing to do with gaming (the Wii is also guilty of this)

KionicWarlord2223491d ago

the x in the xbox was related to direct x.

INehalemEXI3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

X sells.... dude, and the 1st box had an X in it.

the other thing is PSX and XMB was out so they where probably like ahh we will call this Xbox because 2 X's are better then 1 and can only be topped by 3. Yet the competition wont be able to hit the XXX since its not family friendly.

Or yeah it could of been the direct X lol.

No FanS Land3491d ago

@demonstalker: Your link is forbidden?

@izKyD1331: Well Wii was chosen because it sounds like "we" and it's easy to pronounce for all countries to ease an international approach. I think it all went according to plan.

Strife Lives3491d ago

Before the Wii launched,all the jokes when Nintendo said they were dumping the Revolution name for the Wii lol,I laughed so much. . .now its Nintendo laughing all the way to the bank.

poopsack3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

while simultaneously running away from the respect of their former fans, and all you nintendo fans that roam around these posts, dont even bother to stand up for them, you know nintendo doesnt have the same high quality standards they used to have, everytime I would play a game on a nintendo console it would feel like magic. And im talking about first party, now they feel like EA, a simple rehash, with updated graphics and a couple different features. (ecxeption being Mario Galaxy)

Not to mention their ridiculously pathetic online system they dont bother to work on (with the exception of updating the virtual console because selling N64 games at double the price sony sells PSONE games doesnt seem ridiculous to anyone) and also, if it were up to them, we'd only advance in terms of polygon count. >:C Wall-o-text over

Tony P3491d ago

To say nothing of the console itself, I liked the name 'Revolution' a lot more than 'Wii'.

cactuschef3491d ago

And I liked the name Project Dolphin more than Gamecube.

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