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TheColbertinator4998d ago

I never realized Dark Cloud sold a million.Wow.

Also I easily knew Dragon Quest VIII is their most successful game.

George Sears4997d ago

The first one was horrible though. The second one was pure awesome. Just creating your own towns, fishing and taking pictures of stuff to create things was addicted enough.

Unbiased14997d ago

O man "Jeanne d’Arc (PSP) - 220,000 World Wide"- this game deserved so much more than this :(
Dark Cloud 2 also deserves way more than 900k, that game is so awesome, i finished it 3 times, don't remember when i last did with any game. For me that was/is Sonys Zelda.

pippoppow4997d ago

Jeanne d'arc is amazing. Sad to see great games with such low sales and see generic average games get big sales numbers. Level 5 are great game makers and I can't wait for WKC to arrive in the U.S.

crck4997d ago (Edited 4997d ago )

Yeah, that is a truly a shame how badly it sold. It was a high quality title. My favorite Level 5 game by far. I'd say even deeper and more balance then Valkyria Chronicles and it was a handheld game. But I guess we may never see a sequel to either game though...

gaffyh4997d ago

Jeanne D'Arc is one of the best PSP games, it made me like SRPGs!

swiftshot934997d ago

so why havent we heard anything about a new Dark Cloud since obviously Level 5 has a large fanbase? And Im sure Sony would be glad to publish the game...

PirateThom4997d ago

Heh, Sony own the rights to the game, but I have no doubt Level-5 will be happy to carry it on.

I'm guessing that coming off White Knight, they're probably starting on their next project which will probably be announced at TGS.

SpoonyRedMage4997d ago

They're probably busy with DQIX right now but they've probbaly got plans for it.

Can't wait for DQIX, Armor Project + Level 5=Awesome.

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GhostofHorizon4997d ago

Level-5 deserves so much more!

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The story is too old to be commented.