PSFocus: PlayStation 3 Headset Hardware Review

The Dutch website has written an article about the PlayStation 3 Headset. We put hardware reviews as an article on our site. That is why this is put here as an article.

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Johnny Rotten3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

It's a good little headset, a couple things to point out it that it's lighter than it looks,messages about connected/disconnected/mute/ba ttery low will display on your TV, and the mute button comes in handy more times than none.

If you already have one there's no need to pick this up, but if your in the market for one it's worth the couple extra bucks.

Rehabinum3488d ago

I agree. My colleague whom wrote this article is also very enthusiastic about the headset. When my own headset dies, I'll probably buy this one.

phosphor1123488d ago

The article was properly translated (of course since it used google), but it say "Rating: pointless" Lol...I think its supposed to say perfect, kind of like pointless as in no points taken off? Can anyone confirm?

y0haN3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

It's a great headset but it doesn't stay in my ear properly sometimes, but its still miles better physically than my Motorola one, and the speaker/microphone quality are miles better than you'll find on Xbox Live.

Buy it with the SOCOM bundle if you can, Confrontation's a good deal of fun if you can get into it.

PS3n3603488d ago

I am sorry but I have this headset and in KZ2 its nothing but squelching and stuttering. My crappy wired 360 headset has way better quality sound. I found this headset basically unusable for gaming. not sure if its psn or the headset but i am thoroughly disappointed in it. Luckily it works with my phone so it wasnt a total waste of money.

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LordMarius3488d ago

Dont buy this alone, buy it with the Socom bundle. I made the mistake of buying it by itself when with $20 more I could have gotten Socom as well.

Hellsvacancy3488d ago

I didnt know u got this headset free with Socom, its not my sort of game but i can get it on Amazon 4 30quid where as the headset on its own is 27quid - bit of a no brainer really thanks

imabeast483488d ago

i was going to do that but then i saw this headset used for 20 bucks. and socom blows anyway

BaSeBaLlKiD7213488d ago

socom is a great game, wtf are you talking about. you obviously never played it

Panthers3488d ago

Socom is amazing. You have to make sure you get the bundle. You can buy the game with or without the headset. Make sure it is with the headset.

I dont know if that is how it was released in Europe.

joydestroy3488d ago

yeah dude. bundled, it's hands down a great deal. Socom was my fav game before KZ2. now they've fixed all the bugs in it too for the most part.

RowSand 843488d ago

damn i aleready dowmloaded socom on psn store, and i want that headset what should i do help hellp :):)

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peeps3488d ago

I bought the headset when it was released over here (EU) but of course the socom bundle didn't come out here till a few weeks back. It's a great headset though, i'm not sure about the price now but i paid £18 which is a v gd price for a bluetooth headset of this standard. If you're after a bluetooth headset for ps3 then this should be the first 1 you look into, and as mentioned it's a bargin if you buy it with socom (£30-35 for the game and headset in the uk)

I hope they start bundling these with new ps3's tho tbh cus it will add to online, i find alot more ppl use headsets than when the ps3 first launched but it was a nice idea of ms to include a headset with the 360 which basically means any1 you play with online will have a headset.

callahan093488d ago

I absolutely love this headset compared to the Jabra that came packed with Warhawk. The on-screen interface is nice, the buttons are big and easy to locate when it's on your ear, and it feels very comfortable for hours on end. The audio quality is great, the microphone picks up great and delivers a high quality of audio, and the battery life is much longer than the Jabra. There is only one flaw I find with this Microphone, and that is that it seems to have compatibility issues with some titles. To be fair, I've only played one game with compatibility issues, but there COULD be others that I simply haven't played. Anyway, Unreal Tournament III doesn't seem to like this microphone. But other than that, it's a remarkable device.

NegativeCreepWA3488d ago

Its a great mic, other than it doesn't cut out back ground noise like it was supposed to do. And I don't like how it sets in your ear it starts to hurt after wearing it awhile. At Least it has mute button unlike others.

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