4.0 Review : Metal Gear Solid Touch This is a review of Metal Gear Solid Touch for the Iphone and Ipod Touch.

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Snake Raiser3585d ago

Kojima will now know not to down grade the experience by putting a MG game on a weak console.

Elven63585d ago

the iPhone/iTouch is not a console! Please stop falling for Apples crap. A Metal Gear game on the iPhone/iTouch could have been really cool if they got creative, instead they just repackaged a web game!

SL1M DADDY3584d ago

He spews much hate for MGS4 in a MGS Touch review making his sentiment and journalism give you a sense of nausea. Keep from reading this dribble if you wish to refrain from having an involuntary protein spill. I wish I would have, my keyboard stinks now.

thor3584d ago

Doesn't stop MGS Touch from sucking though.

It's just milking the franchise and I hate it. People say the Wii is the greatest source of shovelware - well they're wrong, it's probably the iphone.

da7dal3584d ago

the game is very very repetitive and lame I really expected more quality and creativity...